Tesla Fuelless Generator And Smart Home Energy Generation Systems

Tesla fuelless generator is creating a stir…

Today it is easy to take the energy that we use every day for granted. Do you ever stop and consider where your electricity actually comes from?

tesla fuelless generatorIn the morning when you turn on your coffee machine for your first cup of coffee or quickly turn some hash browns for the kids breakfast on the stove. Take a moment to trace the electricity from your plug on the wall. From the wiring in your home it goes out to the electricity supply network consisting of miles and miles of wires and pylons back to the electric power plants.

Be honest with yourself – we do, on the whole, take it all for granted.

Long gone are the days when the only source of power was the coal from the mines or oil from the depths of the earth. Today the electricity that comes to us via the grid has multiple sources. We have brown coal, black coal, nuclear energy, gas, hydro-power, wind power (both offshore and onshore) Biomass, solar energy, magnetic and radiant energy from the Tesla fuelless generator.

The raw cost of each of these is only part of the true picture. Most of these forms of power also require backup systems. For those times when, for example, the power coming from wind energy drops during windless periods, and also to meet peak demand periods. The distribution and connection networks are hugely expensive also. All of this cost is being passed on to you as the consumer.

It is because of the increasing cost of electricity that there has been a move by homeowners, and forward looking businesses, to find alternative ways to produce and generate their electricity. There is absolutely no doubt now that converting your home to alternative energy is a very effective way to reduce your energy bills. We see the use of wind turbines and solar power panel systems becoming far more common place than say thirty years ago.

Acceptance of the Nikola Tesla fuelless generator

But there are other home energy generating systems that we are perhaps not so familiar with. We have the magnetic generators that use rotating magnets to produce energy and there are also the Tesla generators that harness the abundant and free radiant energy. It is the Tesla fuelless generator plans that are creating the most interest since they use the magnetic charges between the sun and the earth and this energy is accessible all of the time. Whilst both solar and wind power are not always so readily available.
It is generally thought that tapping into alternative energy sources is complicated and difficult but this is not the case. It does take a little time and effort though. The good news is that the engineers and planners are designing future power plants with smart electric grid components which will mean that we, as consumers, will be able to adjust our electricity usage to accommodate these different generating systems. It will give us the opportunity to sell any surplus electricity that we produce from our own home generating system back to the utility companies.

This demonstrates a change of attitude in the utility companies. Until recently they have been ignoring all but the more conventional alternative energy schemes such as solar and wind power. However, now they are beginning to acknowledge the growing trend among householders willingness to experiment and try different energy generation methods like the Tesla fuelless generator.

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