Harnessing The Power Of Tesla Free Energy

Tesla Free Energy

Known by his admirers as the man out of time, Nikola Tesla was certainly ahead of his time. Through the invention of his Tesla Generator, he sought to deliver free and unlimited energy to the entire world. The details of his inventions have been wrapped in secrecy and were the fodder Tesla Free Energyof conspiracy theories and wild speculations until recent years. However, new discoveries have led to the revelation of the secrets of his most prized inventions being available to humanity for the first time. Blueprints and instructions for the Tesla Free Energy Generator have been leaked and are available to anyone willing to spend the time and energy to build this revolutionary device.

The secrets of Tesla free energy and the steps that need to be taken to harness this power have been suppressed for generations by the powers that benefit from the reliance of the world and its citizens on fossils fuels. What has become known as Big Oil and elements of the military industrial complex in collusion with power companies have kept this knowledge of Nikola Tesla free energy from being understood and shared by the masses of men until very recently. Technological advances in communication have liberated this long sought after information and the world will soon be transformed by the distribution of this knowledge and the energy it will create. No longer will the common person be enslaved by those who sell power for profit with little concern for their impact on the environment and the inevitable plight of future generations who will inherit a world depleted of fossil fuels.

Secrets of Tesla free energy

The Tesla free energy generator has arrived on the global scene just in time to restore the Earth to balance and bring humankind back from the brink of ecological destruction. Tesla devoted the latter half of his life to creating what he envisioned as a generator that would operate and function without the use of fuel. The plan developed, and the notes he left point to a field of energy that Tesla believed was responsible for the operation of the world. While these ambiguous descriptions by the inventor have been an obstacle in the physical development of his inventions since his passing, recent advancements in the field of physics have led to the understanding of what are known as zero point technologies. The comprehension of these technologies has empowered man to build a generator that will operate on the power described by Tesla and thereby reduce the dependence of man on limited and costly fuel sources.

The global desire to adopt green technologies has reached a fever pitch in the past few years as the results of environmental degradation have been felt around the globe. Strange and severe weather patterns and natural disasters occur on a near monthly basis with no end in sight. This has left the populations of the world desperate to find alternative sources of energy that will not deplete the systems they rely on for their very existence. In addition, a better quality of life is sought without having to sacrifice so much to produce the basic needs of life. This has led to the development of wind and solar technologies and a concentration on living leaner and greener. These new technologies are expensive and are rapidly being co-opted by the very same powers that have led us into the environmental mess in which we are enmeshed. One of the great benefits of the free energy generator as created by Tesla is that this energy will be available to anyone with the will and determination to build their own version.

Finally, the plans and instructions that will enable the common person to develop an unlimited source of free energy have become available. These blueprints can be followed by nearly anyone and the costs involved are far below many of the other alternative energy systems that are now being marketed. The power generated by the free energy Tesla generator is created 24 hours a day, every day of the week. When harnessed, this Tesla Free Energy can drastically reduce the amount that the average homeowner has to spend on utility bills. In addition, the knowledge of the Free Energy made available by the Tesla generator can liberate the citizenry of the world from being under the thumb of the major power companies. The deepest secret of the invention lies in the self-sustaining current that it creates. This enables the generator to create more electricity than it takes to operate the device. It is this positive gain in energy that makes the device a truly revolutionary piece of equipment. Nikola Tesla is one of the great-unsung heroes that this world has ever seen. Now his secrets are available in easy to understand blueprints and plans that can be put to use to generate free energy.

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