Tesla Free Energy Yields Top Efficiency Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow!

Consistent with the growing “Green” trend, Tesla free energy is becoming increasingly popular. Electrical power has had an irrefutably Tesla Free Energypositive impact on overall quality of life.  It is also expensive and a colossal environmental menace.

Nikola Tesla solved this dilemma decades ago. Knowledge of every Tesla free energy device is vigilantly suppressed, however. The sad fact is that powerful concerns with conflicting pecuniary interests do not want widespread, direct access to power by individuals.

What is Tesla Free Energy?

“Free energy” denotes power that is capable of being extracted directly from the surrounding atmosphere. While intuitively appealing, the concept is also the subject of much debate. Scientists have hotly debated its true cost efficiency, supply sufficiency, and very existence for decades.

How Tesla Free Energy Came About

Upon his 1884 arrival in America, Thomas Edison initially employed Tesla. Divergent philosophies about ideal scientific methodologies ultimately caused the demise of that alliance, however.

Not long after, Tesla set up his own lab at 35 South 5th Avenue, New York. This enabled his enjoyment of total intellectual freedom and scientific license. During his tenure there, Tesla experimented with X-rays, a carbon button lamp design, and alternative lighting and electrical sources.

Tesla had such confidence in his alternating current (“A/C”) wireless lamp design that he performed public demonstrations wherein he allowed electricity to flow freely through his body. The Tesla Coil developed in 1891 as a direct result of these dramatic displays. This device continues today as a major television and consumer electronic device component.

While in Colorado Springs from May 1889 to early 1990, Tesla conducted a series of large-scale experiments. Through this empirical research, Tesla eventually proved conclusively that the Earth itself is an electrical conductor. Its frequencies may be adjusted by the alterations of the implements and devices used to generate energy.

Tesla once lit 200 wireless lamps from a distance of 25 miles and created synthetic lightning from his Colorado lab. During experiments with violent, abrupt direct electrical emissions, Tesla eventually discovered an entirely novel energy form.

Tesla Radiant Energy

The 1889 discovery of radiant energy was probably the single most significant of all Tesla scientific contributions. Radiant energy is essentially light rays. As the source of natural light is emitted by the sun, it is a natural resource that is infinitely renewable.

Heating is the primary practical application for radiant energy. Tesla free energy devices are useful in a wide variety of settings where warmth is an essential operative element.

Radiant heat generation involves intentional energy transference from its origin to another object. Thus, radiant energy is a very viable alternative to traditional convection heating and ideal for generating confined outdoor warmth.

Tesla radiant energy heating devices operate by warming people and objects within a room directly—rather than indirectly as with conventional convectional heating.

The following are the most common forms of radiant heating:


  • Subflooring—hydronic or electrical
  • Wall heaters
  • Ceiling panels


  • Gas burning patio heater
  • Gas-powered radiant patio heaters
  • Ice melters for deicing gutters and roofs

Unlikely Uses for Unusual Energy

In addition, Tesla radiant energy has valuable implications in many other applications that employ heat indirectly.  For instance, the first wireless telephone was really a Tesla free energy radiant device. Slight warmth variations were detected to produce sufficiently audible signals for voice transmission.

What Tomorrow Holds For Tesla Free Energy

Much of the Tesla free energy experimental results and research data lie dormant within antiquated notes and rudimentary sketches. This regrettable circumstance is the result of systematic funding denial for Tesla free energy research and development. Conscientious modern scientists have courageously taken up where Nikola Tesla left off, however. Their diligent efforts portend rich dividends for contemporary society and future generations to come.

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