Free Energy Has Universal Appeal

For most folks, the existence of a wide array of free energy sources is a little-known fact. Despite their relative obscurity and invisibility free energyto the naked eye, numerous Free energy devices abound throughout the Earth’s natural atmosphere and environment. In recent times, public interest in Mother Nature’s generous provision of no-cost power has grown.

Increasing concerns about natural resource conservation and environmental preservation have been the main factors that fuel the fires of the contemporary “Green” movement. Global warming, a disappearing Ozone layer, and crude oil depletion have become common knowledge.

Free Energy is nothing new

Alternative energy generation might seem to be of relatively recent origin. In fact, the quest for a practical, efficient Free energy generator has a history that has been ongoing for more than a century. Its origins are traceable all the way back to 1848.

In that fateful year, a young scientist named Nikola Tesla took employment with famous inventor Thomas Edison. Although the alliance soon dissolved, Tesla persisted was determined to develop a Free energy generator. Such devices are designed to derive and emit electrical current directly from natural sources.

Persistence Pays

Tesla’s persistence paid off. In the late 1800s, he devised an ingenious method for the alternative application of long-known physical laws to create a Free energy generator that produced electricity from through thin air! Dubbed the “Tesla fuelless generator,” the apparatus portended the start of many bigger and better things to come. An entire array of additional Tesla free energy innovations have since made debuts.

Giving Credit Where Due

Many Tesla free energy innovations still exist and are standard incidents of modern-day life. These include microwave ovens, radiant heating systems, remote control units, gas-powered cooking grills, wireless telephones, and many other devices we now take for granted. Without Tesla’s persistence and courage, society might have been permanently deprived of the benefits of these devices.

Conflicting Interests

Although such implements indisputably offer contemporary consumers many advantages, a major obstacle remains unconquered: widely available free electricity.

For whatever reason, Fate ordained that the discovery of Tesla free energy would coincide with the advent of conventional electricity generation.

Powerful commercial interests naturally sought to suppress and conceal Tesla free energy devices from pubic view and widespread awareness. Consequently, the international community now relies upon conventional kilowatt-based current to keep infrastructural wheels turning and industrial lights burning.

Dawning of a New Day

Fortunately, society has made a full circle and turned the corner into today’s Information Age. The advent of the internet has had an irrefutable and indisputable impact on information dissemination and empirical calculation capability.

The text and other data conveyed across Cyberspace convey a clear message of major import for the future of free energy. In the context of alternative energy sources, “urgency” and “innovation” serve as its fundamental messages.

Whether or not we like to admit it, human beings really have no other option except the development, implementation, and utilizing of free energy devices as replacements for conventional electrical current and petroleum-derived power.

Universal Appeal of Free  Energy

The three main advantages of a Tesla free energy generator are :

1) such devices do not consume scarce natural resources

2) free energy generation emits no environmental pollutants

3) inexhaustible supply of potential energy

Free energy entails extracting operational power for various mechanical implements directly from our immediate natural environs. Sunlight, flowing water, and wind constitute the most common sources from which needed power originates. Thus, the current renaissance of revived interest in Tesla free energy is totally justified. Find out for yourself how to help free the world of environmental pollution, individual occurrence of needless exorbitant expense, and precious resource depletion.

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