Tesla Generator Revolution

Talking About A Tesla Generator Revolution
tesla generatorNikola Tesla was an engineer and inventor who was every bit as brilliant as his rival, Thomas Edison. He was instrumental in the advent of commercially available electricity, and his contributions to the field of electromagnetism around the turn of the twentieth century were legitimately revolutionary. The work he did to help develop the alternating current, or AC form of electricity is credited with giving rise to the second industrial revolution.

Truly a man ahead of his time, Tesla was responsible for making some claims about the possibilities of energy and energy transmission that seemed impossible during his lifetime, but have been proven to be valid today. Because of the doubt cast upon some of his more unbelievable ideas, he was widely discredited and ostracized during his later years. At this time, he became regarded as nothing more than a mad scientist, regardless of the fact that his inventions and ingenuity paved the way for the modern world. Because of the stigma associated with Tesla, many of his ideas have never been engineered for practical use, even though they may be perfectly valid. One of his more audacious ideas was for the Tesla generator  a revolutionary power source that would, in theory, not rely on any fuel to generate electricity.

Tesla Generator development

A decade after Tesla developed his successful method of producing alternating current, he began laying the groundwork for an invention which would be able to produce energy without using any fuel. Unfortunately, Tesla never developed a prototype of the generator, though he did leave behind countless drawings, notes, and Tesla generator plans which detailed his ideas. The notion of a genuine fuelless generator was what drove Tesla in the later half of his life, and he believed that he could successfully harness the power of the universe. These days, more and more of the man’s ideas are seeing the light of day as additional caches of  his notes, and what seem to be Tesla generator blueprints are found.

Nikola Tesla believed that all people should have access to electricity. He though that it was wrong for utility companies to gain monopolies on energy and sell it at rates that they determined. In his mind, there was no good reason why something that surrounds all living things and the earth itself  electricity  should be bought and sold. Essentially, the man thought that the act of selling energy was a scam. Ironically, many people today, when discussing his fuelless energy source, refer to the machine as the Tesla generator scam. It is amazing to think how the energy companies have won this battle. However, they have not won the war. Because the modern era is one in which there are many ingenious people and stunning innovations, now is the right time for finally bringing the idea of the Tesla generator to life.

Though they may seem obvious, there are many benefits which could be realized through bringing about the advent of the Tesla generator in the modern age. First of all, our environment is suffering, and the greatest cause of the environmental sickness is the use of fossil fuels as sources of energy. Coal, oil, and natural gas have served the planet for some time, but they have also caused damage; much of which is irreparable. This era is one in which people are constantly and excitedly bringing about positive changes that benefit the environment. Cars are becoming more fuel efficient, and some of them do not even use gasoline or diesel anymore. Buildings are being designed with a higher standard of environmental stewardship in mind, and they are being built with materials and methods that have less of a negative impact on the earth. People are simply more aware now than they ever have been about issues regarding the environment and its importance.

Also, this is a time of amazing technical innovation. If Tesla were around today, he would no doubt be thrilled at the incredible ingenuity on display in the world’s modern technology. He would also be extremely disappointed that the citizens of the world are still expected to pay for electricity. With the technology and innovative thinking present in the world today, he would likely say that there is no good reason anymore for the Tesla generator to not be in everyday use.

Wide scale use of the Tesla generator

The world can pretend that Tesla is around, though. Great thinkers should be scouring Tesla’s plans to find out how they can best make the generator a reality. What some may not realize, however, is that the notion of realizing such an important invention is well within reach right now. If investors could only realize how important the widespread implementation and usage of  the Tesla generator could be, they would be pouring money into projects intended to produce the generators on a large scale.

Unfortunately, the energy companies who control the availability of electricity want nothing more than to stop people from building such generators. If  the Tesla generator were to achieve widespread implementation, these companies would cease to exist. What they do not realize is that they could benefit from investing in such technology. Those energy corporations that chose to support the implementation of Tesla generators would be seen as being on the cutting edge of new technology, and they would most likely be the recipients of great public support. It is a shame energy companies do not yet see things that way.

In order to get the ball rolling on the Tesla generator revolution, citizens must do what they can to support this old, but simultaneously brand new technology. All one needs to do is search the internet for Tesla generator plans, or Tesla generator blueprints. Thousands of results will be revealed which can lead people to sites on the web offering Tesla generator plans PDF files for download. It is not necessary for private citizens to build gigantic generators that can power an entire city. In fact, engineers and intelligent people with an interest in alternative energy should start small and perfect their units before moving on to bigger and more powerful generators. If the people of the world band together and start building these fuelless generators, the planet can move to a new, more harmonious state where everyone has equal access to energy, just like Nikola Tesla envisioned.

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