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The Tesla Secret discoveries were many

Tesla Secret Radiant EnergyNikola Tesla continues to develop  the technology for his Tesla Secret Generator throughout 1899 and the early 1900’s in Colorado Springs. He is able to produce astonishingly high voltages and currents and when the switch is thrown ghostly sparks dance inside the lab while on the copper ball on top of the antenna thick blue lightning crackles upwards 100 feet into the sky and thunder claps are heard over 15 miles away.

It is one of the great inventor Nikola Tesla’s crowning achievements man made lightning .

Here in his lab he had a 56 kilo-volt  ampere Westinghouse transformer which George Westinghouse gave to him.

Through the amplification of this transformer into his magnifying transmitter he was able to actually blow up some of the generators in  the Colorado Springs electrical plant which was about 25 miles away.

At first it was thought that he generated  or used so much power from the utility company that it burned out a couple of the generators. Since then, however  there has been some conjecture that actually he was picking up more energy from the surrounding air at that high altitude and it was feeding back into the generator – and you cannot feed electrical energy back into a generator and that is what blew them out. They wouldn’t sell him any more power until his assistant went down and helped to repair the generators.

Tesla determines that waves of energy in the earth can be used to transmit power to any point on the globe. In tests he successfully demonstrates the illumination of wireless lamps many miles from the laboratory . But his experiments also produce more ominous possibilities.

The Tesla Secret – Nikola Tesla’s secret generator…

has far more complex and far reaching implications than most ordinary people  could ever imagine.

Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 & 8 hertz the wave frequency in the Schumann cavity resonates between 6 & 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range . The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 & 8 hertz . Thus our entire biological system , brain and the earth itself work from the same frequencies.

Tesla Secret Generator with immense potential

If we can control that resonance system electronically we could directly control the entire mental system of human kind.

Nikola Tesla was fully aware of the awesome power of this aspect of his discovery might unleash on the world. Whilst he would usually eagerly announce his new ideas to the press and his friends, this time he decides to keep it very quiet.

The Tesla Secret was a discovery made over a century ago, yet it still today holds only a fragment of enormous power and potential for human kind.

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