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Photograph of a model showing how the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Tower would have looked.

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He invented many diverse uses for electricity. Some inventions were far ahead of his time and remained only as patented designs until long after his death this includes the Tesla Generator. One of the most famous designs was for a magnifying transmitter. Tesla intended this device to be a tower from which you could send power wirelessly to another location.

Magnifying Transmitter Concept

In the 1890’s, Tesla first imagined the concepts behind his magnifying transmitter. These ideas were spurred to fruition when he took refuge from a passing thunderstorm during a walk in the mountains. He noticed how rain threatened from the heavy clouds but did not fall until lightning flashes ensued. Then the rain fell copiously. He understood that there was a connection between the electrical outburst and the resulting rainfall. The electrical discharge in the form of lightning, he realized, acted as a trigger to cause the rainfall. Tesla imagined that humans could control rainfall around the world and transform blighted lands into gardens if they could just properly harness electrical discharges.

Development of the magnifying transmitter

In the following years, Tesla sought to increase the maximum amount of voltage that he could generate in order to someday produce the amount of power he had seen in the thunderstorm’s lightning bolts. The following year he managed to achieve tensions of more than one million volts in his laboratory. His progress was delayed by a fire that destroyed his equipment in 1895, but by the end of the decade he was producing four million volts.

The Magnifying Transmitter required a tower of certain proportions. In the years before World War One, Tesla built a tower 187 feet tall on Long island. This tower was topped with a circular terminal that was 68 feet in diameter. He reported success with the experiments he conducted in his magnifying transmitter tower. However, the tower was destroyed when war broke out in Europe.

We must remember that of the inventions by Nikola Tesla the one that is being used in home today if only on a small scale is the Tesla Generator.

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