Nikola Tesla And The Nature Trigger

While keeping in context with the general topic of this website about the Tesla Generator  I am including a series of interesting discussions to do with the inventions and concepts of this great inventor and thinker. The Tesla generator is possibly the most useful of his discoveries in that it enables the ordinary person to begin to make their own electricity, albeit in small amounts.

This short article is about Nikola Tesla and his pursuance of free energy.
It is incredible how a person’s mind may be spurred to fantastic revelations by the natural events that surround him. Nikola Tesla was often moved by his perception of the natural world to create or design instruments that would open the doors of the universe’s power storage. He was often successful in doing so.

The famous inventor was already a successful man when the idea for his magnifying transmitter first came to him in the mountains while he took a relaxing walk. A thunderstorm threatened and he took temporary refuge from it, though he remained where he could watch the storm approach and then develop overhead. He was particularly intrigued by the way that the rain began to fall.

Nikola Tesla Observing Nature’s Trigger

The storm threatened but did not release any rain until a key event happened. Tesla noted that a flash of lightning preceded the fall of rain. He realized that the electrical output had triggered the rainfall. More importantly, he realized that the amount of electricity required to trigger it was easily within his capacity to generate.

Tesla was overcome with the potentialities that he saw in the development of such a trigger that humans could utilize. At the present time, it was only the power of the sun’s warmth which could move masses of moist air over the regions of the Earth, falling in one spot and failing to fall in others. Those areas that received rain were arable and those that did not were deserts.

Were humans to possess devices which could spur or deter rainfall, they would be able to transform the Earth in any fashion they desired. Fascinated by the potential power of such a device, Tesla returned home that day intent on learning how to harness the electrical powers of the world for this end. In 1892, he began work which would further this end as well as his simultaneous desire to transmit energy wirelessly.

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