Tesla Wireless World System

The First World System Of Nikola Tesla

The mind of Nikola Tesla was not satisfied with merely inventing great machines and devices. He had far-reaching plans for integrating their use world-wide and bringing increased power to people around the globe. In private, he referred to this as his World-System, which would rely on the wireless transmission of power to enable the empowerment of humankind. Here we discuss the Tesla Wireless World System.

Tesla Wireless World System

From The Electrical Experimenter, February 1919

Advocating For The First World System Power Plant

Tesla outlined five key applications of his discoveries in describing his envisioned world-system. He suggested that this plan could be put into use in nine months with the beginning of operations at the power plant he had designed. Among other things, he promised that this plant could attain power equal to ten million horsepower at little cost to the human race.

  • Tesla’s Transformer. The inventor claimed that this device could create stronger electric currents than had been seen before. He also said that he himself had produced sparks over 100 feet long with his own equipment.
  • The Magnifying Transmitter. Many would agree that this was Tesla’s best invention. He was able to produce electrical output stronger than that of a lightning bolt. He claimed to have passed a current successfully all the way around the globe with this device.
  • Tesla’s Wireless System. This system is the sole method known for transferring electricity long distances without the aid of a wire or other hard connection. The potential is for world-wide transmission which would lose only a few percent of original power, at most.
  • Individualization of Tune. Tesla discovered how to refine transmitted signals so that they could not be deciphered or even detected, since they would neither interfere with other signals nor would they take interference. Each signal would have a unique identity.
  • Terrestrial Waves. The last part of Tesla’s world system plan includes the application of his discovery that the Earth responds to electric vibrations just as a tuning fork responds to sound.


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