Solving The Energy Poverty Problem Where There Is No Grid

electrical gridLiving here in the USA where even those families that are supposedly living on the poverty line have TV’s, computers and play stations it is hard to imagine life without these splendid luxuries. But that is what they are “luxuries”. A large portion of the world does not even have access to electricity let alone these commonplace electrical gadgets that we all take for granted.

Living without electricityIf we had no available electricity then we would find a means to generate our own, albeit a small amount. There are many blueprints and plans for getting off the grid that work well enough to generate sufficient electricity to power essential appliances. So for example cooking and lighting would be no problem. The basic components for generating your own electricity are almost household items. For example a Tesla radiant energy generator costs only a few dollars.

But what can be done for those who live in energy poverty. Energy poverty is a serious threat to the developing worlds and steps are being made to tackle this problem.

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