Radiant Energy As Lumens Per Watt

Nikola Tesla was the first person to discover and tap into this amazing free source energy known as Radiant Energy.

Radiant Energy GeneratorThe scientific explanation for radiant energy goes something like this: The visibility of radiant energy means that you take the ratio of luminosity to radiant power. I understand that to mean that it is the ratio between the brightness of the sunlight and its warmth. Now the scientists were able to express this in a unit of power and they called it Lumens per watt. Radiant energy is in fact a very powerful yet free source of energy. We use it almost daily during the summer months and an example of this is when we hang our washing out on the line to dry. Radiant energy can also be magnified by a solar mirror and when this happens it generates a massive amount of power. I thought that this photo of the sun shining through the branches and leaves of this tree serves as a wonderful example of radiant energy. The suns rays carry this energy down to the earth for us all to use.

Energy is generally defined as something’s ability to do work on some other thing. There are several different kinds of energy. One of the individual types of energy is radiant energy. Radiant energy is the energy emitted by electromagnetic waves. There are both visible and invisible forms of radiant energy. When you see light rays from the sun passing through the branches of a tree, for example, you are witnessing a form of radiant energy: visible light.

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