Four Million Volts: Nikola Tesla’s Goal

Continuing our series on the amazing aspirations and achievements of Nikola Tesla.

Now this is the genius that brought you the Tesla Generator.

Nikola Tesla Generator
In order to achieve his goal of putting incredible power into the hands of humankind, Nikola Tesla needed to develop the ability to generate high outputs of electricity and transmit them over long distances without the aid of wires or other hard connections. He spent a great deal of time in his home laboratory in the 1890’s trying to develop just such a capability. He outlined his efforts in an article he later wrote about his goal of increasing human energy.

Nikola Tesla Generates Four Million Volts

In the spring of 1893, Tesla achieved electrical tensions of approximately one million volts with the coils in his laboratory. This was far beyond what anyone else had achieved at that time. He continued to make progress in his lab and increased electrical output until his efforts were set back by a laboratory fire which destroyed much of his equipment in 1895.

He resumed work as soon as possible. Tesla knew that a larger apparatus could more easily attain the quantities of electro-motive force that he was seeking. However, he was determined to find a way to do so with a smaller transformer.

Soon, he had developed just such a device and discovered that he could make it generate as many as four million volts. This was done without allowing charge to accumulate improperly at any point. He was also able to transmit these charges across distances as great as 16 feet. He could generate the kind of power for which he was looking. Now he sought to extend his ability to transmit that power across great distances.

Now Tesla began to plan the erection of a tower to both generate and transmit the voltage which he was capable of producing.  He completed these plans in 1899. He spent a year in Colorado improving and refining his techniques before seeking to build this tower on Long Island.

Nikola Tesla Generator

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