Energy summit’s one agreement: Let’s conserve energy

We are noticing a definite trend towards educated and influential people becoming involved at the local level. Institutes and organizations are beginning to voice there concern about the current energy crisis and suggesting alternative solutions. These people are concerned enough to take the time to become involved and not only are they taking action themselves and choosing to use alternative energy devices in their own homes but they are also trying to influence their local communities.

alternative energy institute

The forum — titled Challenges for Florida in the 21st Century: Understanding Energy, Education and Growth — was held by the Institute of Gainesville at the Hilton University of Florida Conference Center, with overlapping forums on education and growth. The institute was formed last year by educators, attorneys, physicians and other professionals to research issues, educate voters and make public policy recommendations.At this forum the experts had a hard time agreeing on the actual harm that the different sources of energy was causing the environment. They actually took a close look at not only coal and natural gas but also alternative energy sources such as biomass , solar, magnetic energy, radiant energy and wind power.

“The one thing they seemed to agree on was that conservation is the most cost-effective way to reduce costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions.”

You can read more about there findings here:

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