Tesla Inventions Of Magnitude Bring Change To The World

Some of the Tesla inventions that we are familiar with today were seen as very questionable  in his time. It is only relatively recently that his designs for utilizing free energy from the atmosphere in order to generate energy have become accepted and used widely.

tesla inventions

A Potential Indicator that Tesla worked with (National Museum American History)

One of the people that have published written works about Nikola Tesla is a Kenneth M Swezey (1905 – 1972). The difference between Swezey and other writers is that he actually new Tesla and even became friends with him. Swezey used to write for the New York Sun when he was a young man. In the capacity of a newspaper reporter he would often write articles about the various Tesla inventions as they were taking place. Swezey became so fascinated by Nikola Tesla and his experiments that in his later years wrote several books about science. Among these publications is; Formulas, Methods, Tip and Data for Home and Workshop, Science Shows You How and After Dinner Science.

The Tesla Inventions Brought to Us By Kenneth Swezey.

A lot of what we know today about Tesla actually comes from Swezey’s writings. When Tesla first emigrated to America he went to work at the Edison Machine Works as a designer. Tesla brought his expertise and knowledge about dynamo’s that he learned as a student. Apparently he had been promised a salary of eighteen dollars a week together with a lump sum amount of fifty thousand dollars when he had completed his allotted project.  Granted it was a major project and fifty thousand pounds back then was a huge amount of money but it would have been enough to enable Tesla to build his own lab. Now that was what Tesla had planned to do all along.

It all fell through though and even though Tesla had completed all of the work for Edison there was no big bonus and so he resigned. It only took Tesla three years to amass sufficient funds to build his dream laboratory and he began to start inventing and experiment wing with model motors. It was not long before his patent for the polyphase ac motor was granted.

George Westinghouse realized that Tesla was a great inventor and was able to produce working models that were substantial improvements upon earlier designs. Westinghouse hired Tesla to work on a design for the Niagara Falls Power contract that used Tesla’s patented Polyphase motor.

Although Westinghouse did pay Tesla, and in fact paid him very well, Tesla chose to go back to his own laboratory and continue developing his own concepts for high frequency currents. Tesla invented the famous Tesla coil that uses these very high frequencies.

Tesla Inventions: Tesla speaking about his set-backs and achievements

“We are but cogwheels in the medium of the universe, and it is… and unavoidable consequence of the laws governing that the pioneer who is far in advance of his age is not understood and must suffer pain and disappointment and be content with the higher reward which is accorded to him by posterity”

Tesla experienced several disappointments and had many setbacks throughout his life and as he grew older some of his more obscure inventions are still today not fully understood by scientists.  The Tesla inventions that use free energy and those that draw free energy from the atmosphere are particularly of interest today. Alternative energy systems are constantly being refined and are becoming more readily accessible and useable for the ordinary person.

Tesla inventions


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