Nikola Tesla In Michael Faraday’s Chair

The magnification of small actions fascinated Nikola Tesla. He was absorbed by the possibility of tapping into the great power reserves of the universe with mundane gestures. Consider how many people can access lighting for large installations just by flipping a switch. They owe Tesla a debt of gratitude for the simplicity of these actions which have altered the landscape of daily life. He compared these advances which he spurred to avalanches that began with the throwing of a single snowball.


Faraday - From the Bible and Science Laboratory Blog:

The world was quite impressed with Nikola Tesla during his lifetime. He frequently received invitations to address bodies of scholars or put his mind to work on the toughest problems of humankind. In 1892, after having produced more than one million volts during the course of laboratory experiments, he accepted an offer to speak before a group of electrical engineers in London, England. One of his listeners, a nobleman by the name of Sir James Dewar, was so enthralled by what he heard that he insisted upon Tesla speaking before the Royal Institution.

Sitting In Faraday’s Chair

When Tesla arrived to speak, Dewar sat him down at the head of the body and poured him a drink. Only then did he let the inventor know that he was sitting in the very chair of Michael Faraday, a man who had preceded Tesla in developing the ability of humans to harness electrical power. Tesla was drinking the very same whiskey that the discoverer of electromagnetic induction had drunk while sitting in that chair.

After speaking and giving demonstrations in London, Tesla later suffered a debilitating illness and was unable to work. Upon recovering, he realized that he must concentrate on developing an idea that would transform the world. He returned to America intent on finishing the work that would enable him to build a magnifying transmitter.

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