Nikola Tesla And Aladdin’s Lamp

Tesla Magnifying TransmitterNikola Tesla was responsible for many inventions, particularly in the use of electricity, which changed the modern world and enabled humans to harness the natural powers of the universe for their own ends. He realized early in his life that the world was home to incredible sources of power which might be accessed as easily as someone might rub Aladdin’s lamp and make fantastic requests of the emerging genie. His design of the magnifying transmitter was meant to enable people to so easily capture and channel energy.

Many of his earlier inventions had enhanced the industrial capacities of human work. His turbine engine completely transformed industry. In his journals, Tesla recorded his belief that the magnifying transmitter would force people to scrap all the world’s present models for heat-engines and replace them with his much more powerful and efficient discovery.

Rubbing Aladdin’s Lamp: Building The Magnifying Transmitter

While Tesla’s ideas for a tower of sufficient strength and size to house a magnifying transmitter were spurred by a thunderstorm in 1890, he was not able to create the tower until the years right before the beginning of the First World War. During the 1890’s, he worked on augmenting his ability to generate sufficient voltage for this tower. After overcoming a fire which destroyed his laboratory and set back his work in 1895, the inventor was generating more than four million volts in his coils by the beginning of the 20th century.

He constructed a tower that was nearly 190 feet tall on Long Island. Atop the tower was a spherical placement with a diameter of 68 feet. He believed that this tower would be sufficiently capable of transmitting almost any amount of energy from one location to another. The idea was to transmit energy wirelessly. However, the tower was destroyed at the beginning of the European conflict and Tesla was never able to return to this design in his lifetime.

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