Scrapping The World’s Engines With Nikola Tesla’s Turbine

Original TeslaTurbineThe inventions of Nikola Tesla transformed the world. They did not do so in a simply physical manner. His ideas actually transformed the way people live, the way they work and the way they recreate. His development of the induction motor is one example of how he spurred this metamorphosis of the human environment.

Tesla’s Turbine: Scrapping The World’s Engines

Some capable technicians of Tesla’s time were convinced that the only valuable contribution he had made to human technology and advancement was his induction motor. This motor, which runs on an alternating current, is still used today in industrial applications. Tesla patented the idea for a practical motor in 1882.

However, Tesla was much more enthused about the new turbine that was meant to play a role in his magnifying transmitter. He thought that those around him were too focused on the immediate results of inventions such as the induction motor and were not far-sighted enough to see how humans could harness even greater power. The effect of this turbine, were it developed, would be far more transformative than the induction motor. The latter had augmented man’s industrial capacities. It had, for the most part, added to the value of the machinery already in existence.

This new turbine of Tesla’s design was meant to scrap all the heat engine’s presently used by the world’s industries. Its development would necessitate the abandonment of billions of dollars’ worth of equipment as antiquated devices from another, more primitive time. Tesla recognized that this would be an impediment to its construction, as well as the adverse opinions of various experts in the field.

The existence of these prejudices was confirmed for Tesla when he had a conversation with a friend who was also an electrical engineer. After explaining his idea for a new turbine, Tesla claimed that it would scrap the engines which the world already used. His friend merely remarked on the size of the scrap heat and walked away.

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