Nikola Tesla: One Hundred Million Volts Possible

one hundred million volts

A Bolt Of Lightning Carries About 100 Million Volts

After Nikola Tesla generated four million volts in his laboratory, he began to consider how much more power he might be able to produce with the technology he had at his disposal. He knew that he had reached the limits of his home laboratory and needed to fund the construction of an entire plant to continue with his operations. The goal of this plant would not be to simply generate the electricity but also transmit it without the use of any hard connection between two points. Rather, he wanted to transfer energy wirelessly from one point to another.

One Hundred Million Volts Theoretically Possible

Looking at this venture from his perspective, having already generated millions of volts in modest circumstances, Tesla thought that 100 million volts should be easily produced given the right facilities. Furthermore, he could foresee currents of thousands of amperes in antennas. He theorized that it would be necessary to build a plant with a diameter of roughly 90 feet in order to create the necessary electro-motive force.

This plant would essentially be able to store an incredible charge which could then be manipulated with various impulses.  The damping factor would be very small. The whole thing, considered as a circuit, would function like an alternator, producing oscillations both sinusoidal and continuous.

Another way to describe this construction is as a resonant transformer. It would be arranged so as to interact with the electrical properties of the globe. Thus it would function with maximum efficiency and effectiveness in transmitting energy wirelessly. This energy plant would essentially eliminate distance as a factor because the impulses transmitted by it would not diminish. According to Tesla, it would even be possible to increase the transmitted energy as it journeyed away from the originating plant. He included plans for such a plant in his imagined world system of energy production.

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