Proof Of Concept For The Tesla Generator

Historical proof of concept for the Tesla Generator

The Tesla Generator

You will possibly not have come across him but nonetheless Nikola Tesla was a genuine Einstein of electrical energy! Sadly, he also succeeded in making many influential opponents while he was alive… so they literally “removed” him from history after he died.

This is the reason why you will not find him referred to in school reference books.

Yet there is no way that they can erase Tesla’s legacy, because he has in fact turned out to be an intrinsic part of our daily existence.

You’ll find his Tesla Coil in each and every single Television set on this Earth unchanged from the day when he initially created it.

Tesla pioneered wireless communication, so much in fact that when Marconi made the initial transatlantic transmission, he was using seventeen of Tesla’s patents.

Radars, micro wave ovens, fluorescent lights, the Tesla generator, electrical motors, we wouldn’t have any of these without Nikola Tesla.

The discovery of the Tesla Generator made him formidable enemies.

When Tesla introduced Alternative Current, he shook the very cornerstone of the Big Energy establishment. AC operated systems were much more effective compared to the DC system and the powers to be were frantically adhering to a ineffective technology.

In a desperate endeavor to discredit Tesla and his new innovations, DC power advocates alleged that AC was harmful to human beings! To further perpetuate this lie, DC defenders even utilized AC generators to discharge death sentences in the state of New York! However it is his concept of bringing the generators for the home that angered them most. If the ordinary people could generate their own electricity then the major power companies would not be able to survive. That is why they went to so much effort to suppress Tesla Energy.

Radiant energy is the technology behind the Tesla Generator.

Well although they didn’t succeed to put a lid on the AC technology, they managed to do it with radiant energy which is the technology behind the Tesla Generator.


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