Tesla Free Energy Generator – Fact Or Fiction

Nikola Tesla is the true father of modern electricity.  It was Tesla who designed the Alternating current system that is used worldwide for home electrical connections.  This system provided a safer energy supply than the direct current system that was designed by Thomas Edison.  Tesla had several other theories on electrical power and the transmission of electricity.  One such design was his free energy generator.

tesla free energy generator

Is the Tesla Free Energy Generator – fact or fiction?

The Tesla free energy generator was a system where electricity was freely created and transmitted.  The Tesla magnetic generator has been tested in various forms throughout the years and is once again being promoted as a way to reduce energy costs and generate free or reduced cost power for many homes.  The magnetic electric generator that, in theory, provides enough electricity to power some appliances and home uses was first designed by Nikola Tesla.  Tesla believed that this method of generating power could be used so that each household and business created their own power and there was no need to be permanently connected to an electrical grid.

Tesla free energy generator will reduce your energy costs

The whole secret behind the Tesla free energy generator is a magnet that spins or moves very rapidly.  The movement of this magnet will produce energy that can be transmitted to electrical appliances that are connected to it.   The production of electrical energy is sustained as long as the magnet continues to move or rotate at high speeds.  There are several problems with the practical applications of this theory though.

Energy loss is very high through the system.  Technology available, even today, does not allow for a wiring which will allow the larger portion of the power to be transmitted without loss and degradation over time and space.  As the power loses strength over distance and time there is less usable power available.  If there was a wiring substance that could hold the power levels better the generator could, in theory, produce adequate power levels for household use

Is the Tesla free energy generator realistic?

Another drawback is the size of the spinning or moving material that is needed to generate the power.  A design of a spinning metal plate that produces electricity that is captured by an electromagnet and then transmitted requires a very large spinning generator to provide any usable amount of electricity.  Once again as the power is transmitted to the magneto and then through wiring it is less and less useful.

Nikola Tesla had several theories, including the wireless transmission of electricity through the air.  In theory all his designs were valid but in reality only his A.C.  transmission system made it to a practical design stage that was workable on a large scale.
Tesla Free Energy

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