The Tesla Patents For A Free Energy Generator

Nikola Tesla’s Free Energy Generator appears quiet simple in construction yet Tesla himself states that for the device to function effectively then the capacitor must be of considerable electrostatic capacity.

Nikola Tesla Free energy

Tesla Free Energy Generator

We must remember that Tesla invented or rather discovered this method for generating free energy way back over 100 years ago. The materials and tools that he was using then were far less advanced and sophisticated than those that are used today in modern electrical engineering.

Tesla developed a device which was capable of operating primarily from static electricity, now at the time this was an ideological concept that had been sought after for hundreds of years – the field of Free energy, Zero-point energy field.

The Tesla free energy generator system accumulates electrical power night and day. The capacitor gets charged up and a vibrating switch continuously discharges the capacitor into the step-down transformer. The transformer lowers the voltage and raises the current available and then the output is then used to power the electrical load.

Free energy sources

However, it should be fully understood that Tesla identified two different forms of energy pick-up. The first is static electrical energy, gathered from very minor interaction of the pick-up plate with the zero-point energy field running through it, and the second being pick-up of dynamic radiant energy occurrences, generally from lightning strikes.

Tesla Free Energy Patents

At a casual glance, the average person would not consider lightning as being a viable source of energy, but this is not the case as there are about two hundred lightning strikes per second – mainly in the tropics – and what is generally not understood is that they are radiant energy events and their effects are felt instantly everywhere on earth as transmissions through the zero-point energy field are instantaneous at any distance.

You can read Tesla’s patents if you wish to at where you can download them free of charge.

Nikola Tesla Free Energy

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