Experiments With A Tesla Coil

Experiments with a Tesla Coil that were described way back, almost 100 years ago by a Mr E R Thomas.

Tesla coil experiments

He goes into precise details on how to construct a Tesla Coil.

Tesla Coil Experiments

How to construct a Tesla coil that will give a 10 to 12 in. spark.

Procure a tube 4in. In diameter and 16in long. Some cereals come in tubular containers which will answer very well for this purpose. The pieces A and B are of wood; shellac is used to join the parts together. Avoid the use of nails in this construction.

After applying two coats of the shellac to the secondary tube, wind it closely within 1/2 in. of either end with double cotton-covered No.25 wire. Then give two coats of shellac to the windings, being sure the first coat is absolutely dry before applying the second.

The base and uprights should be made of well seasoned wood which should also be shellacked. Fasten four glass push-pins to the base as shown in Fig.1. These serve as insulators.

Some weird effects that you can get with a Tesla Coil

  • In Fig.3. shows how to adapt the Tesla Coil into an Oudin coil with just a few alterations. The experiments are shown in Figs. 5,6 and 7.
  • When the 2 wires in Fig.5. are connected to the binding posts of the secondary and are left to point vertically in the air  then long streamers wave about producing a weird effect.
  • The experiment in Fig.6 produces a cone of light. Two wire hoops, one 12 in, in diameter and the other 3 in, in diameter are connected with the secondary, and the lead wires are so bent that the hoops are separated by 5 or 6 in.
  • When a gap is made as shown in Fig.7, a spark 10 to 12 in. is obtained.

Further experiments with the Tesla coil

Thomas goes on to explain about the use of high frequency electricity and X-ray. He details how to take X-ray photograph by exposing your hand or another object over a plate holder. The X-rays penetrate he light-proof side easily. He suggests that the time of exposure can only be determined by trial but he recommends that a good printing negative can be made by holding the plate  holder 5 in. from a 6-in. tube and exposing it for 2 minutes.

Fascinating reading though I do not recommend that you try and the X-ray photograph experiment or even the Tesla Coil experiments unless you know exactly what you are doing. These are just a few of the Tesla experiments that you can try… Have Fun.
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