Tesla’s Self-Sustaining Magnetic Electricity Generator

The history of magnets and the earths magnetic field is fascinating..

Magnetic Electric Generator

The Earth’s magnetic electric field as a generator

In 1600 William Gilbert, the Royal  physician of Queen Elizabeth 1 published a treatise on magnetism called De Magnete, in which he dispelled the notion that lodestones are attracted to heavenly bodies. Instead he concluded from an experiment with a spherical lodestone that the earth itself is a giant magnet.

William Gilbert was the most distinguished man of science to emerge from Elizabeth’s reign. He is the inventor of the term “electricity”, the father of electrical studies, the creator of modern magnetic science and the discoverer of the Earth’s magnetic nature.

Centuries passed before scientists developed any reasonable ideas as to what causes geomagnetism. The main, dipolar part of the earth,s field clearly resembles that produced by a bar magnet. But it has become apparent that the field could not arise from permanently magnetized minerals in the earth.

The greenoptimistic.com has talked about and discussed alternative energy topics and talks a bit about this subject:

Elsasser models the earth-dynamo, conveniently for this explanation, on the Faraday generator of a metal disk spinning over a bar magnet placed at the edge of the disk. He notes, also, that the bar magnet could be replaced by an electromagnet which could get its power from the spinning disk by attaching one end of the electromagnet’s wire to the outside of the disk and the other end of the wire to the metal rod running through the center of the disk. Read more: http://www.greenoptimistic.com/2008/03/28/teslas-self-sustaining-electricity-generator/

Nikola Tesla’s self-sustaining magnetic electricity generator and his discovery of the magnetic generator are founded on these basic principles. It is only recently that the tools and necessary natural substances that are needed to make powerful magnets have become readily available. Tesla’s dream of free power for everyone has now become a reality in the form of his Tesla Generator.
Tesla Generator

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