Tesla Free Energy Generator

The Tesla Free Energy Generator…

was the brainchild associated with one of the planet’s most famous pioneers within the discovery and development of electrical power. Without his work, contemporary inventions such as tv, the computer, cellphones and also the internet would not actually exist. Tesla discovered more than one hundred years ago how the capability to generate your personal energy without fuel had been possible.

Tesla free energy generator

Nikola Tesla at a Wireless Telephone Demonstration 1902 (credit nbs100.com)

In this article, I will tell you about his brainchild, the Tesla free energy generator, and how DIY enthusiasts the world over are actually making their own seven- kilowatt free energy generators as well as turning their back on the power companies.

Who Is Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian who came from what is today known as Croatia. He was a highly respected physicist, mechanic and electrical engineer.

He’s credited with many breakthroughs in science, especially in electrical power. His biggest contribution may be the development and adoption associated with alternating current. Without this, presently there would be no way in order to transmit power over long distances and support our present way of life.

Tesla’s Life Project – The Tesla Free Energy Generator

Tesla spent the second half of his career working on what he called his “Fuelless Generator” and would bring Tesla free energy generation to the people.. He described it as a tool that uses “the power that operates the world”. This may sound just a little fanciful but we now know this particular to be the equivalent of the current area of physics known as “zero point technologies” and often times simply¬† Teslas free energy device.

Tesla never designed a working model, but his letters and drawings had been archived and reading all of them reveals designs for a type of Tesla free energy generator. He improved previous styles and filed a host of patents in an effort to safeguard his work.

The Tesla Free Energy Generator is the latest alternative home energy generator

These days, enthusiasts across the globe are building their own free energy devices that stem from Tesla’s original project. The main difference today is that they have been tried, tested and manufactured and the magnetic engine is now a reality. Nevertheless, in it’s most basic form consists of: a rotor, some smartly placed magnets and some cabling.

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