Tesla Generator

The Tesla Generator was first invented by Nikola Tesla way back at the end 1800′s.

How To Put Together A Tesla Generator

A lot of people are asking for details of exactly how to put their Tesla Generator together.

how to build a tesla generatorThe Tesla generator blueprints and plans that are available are written in fairly straightforward way but still there is some confusion arising.

I came across this post full of tips and also some details about the different components that you need for your Tesla generator.

you might want to take a look at it.


Step 1: Assemble All Your Components

The actual overall cost to assembling one of these systems should be no more than roughly fifty cash, assuming you do not got a collection of these items just laying around… read more:


We need to remember that the Tesla home generator will in fact only generate sufficient energy for part of your home use. It can be used as a backup generator when your main power might be down. In order to generate sufficient electricity to power you whole home then you will need to stack several of these. So it is a case of scaling out.

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New Type Of Radio Wave Discovered

twisted radio waves A new type of radio wave has been discovered that uses “orbital angular momentum” of the waves which gives them a “twist”. Basically this gives the radio waves an extra dimension which in turn will enable the passage of greater amounts of information. Coming at a time when even the ionosphere is almost packed jam with television, radio and digital information this new wave will bring greater capacity. More and faster – well I wonder what Tesla would have thought about this. Absolutely amazing stuff.

The parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are used for all three are split up in roughly the same way, with a spread of frequencies allotted to each channel. Each one contains a certain, limited amount of information-carrying capacity: its bandwidth.

As telecommunications have proliferated through the years, the spectrum has become incredibly crowded, with little room left for new means of signal transmission, or for existing means to expand their bandwidths.

But Bo Thide of Swedish Institute of Space Physics and a team of colleagues in Italy hope to change that by exploiting an entirely new physical mechanism to fit more capacity onto the same bandwidth….Read more



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Tesla Inventions Of Magnitude Bring Change To The World

Some of the Tesla inventions that we are familiar with today were seen as very questionable  in his time. It is only relatively recently that his designs for utilizing free energy from the atmosphere in order to generate energy have become accepted and used widely.

tesla inventions

A Potential Indicator that Tesla worked with (National Museum American History)

One of the people that have published written works about Nikola Tesla is a Kenneth M Swezey (1905 – 1972). The difference between Swezey and other writers is that he actually new Tesla and even became friends with him. Swezey used to write for the New York Sun when he was a young man. In the capacity of a newspaper reporter he would often write articles about the various Tesla inventions as they were taking place. Swezey became so fascinated by Nikola Tesla and his experiments that in his later years wrote several books about science. Among these publications is; Formulas, Methods, Tip and Data for Home and Workshop, Science Shows You How and After Dinner Science.

The Tesla Inventions Brought to Us By Kenneth Swezey.

A lot of what we know today about Tesla actually comes from Swezey’s writings. When Tesla first emigrated to America he went to work at the Edison Machine Works as a designer. Tesla brought his expertise and knowledge about dynamo’s that he learned as a student. Apparently he had been promised a salary of eighteen dollars a week together with a lump sum amount of fifty thousand dollars when he had completed his allotted project.  Granted it was a major project and fifty thousand pounds back then was a huge amount of money but it would have been enough to enable Tesla to build his own lab. Now that was what Tesla had planned to do all along.

It all fell through though and even though Tesla had completed all of the work for Edison there was no big bonus and so he resigned. It only took Tesla three years to amass sufficient funds to build his dream laboratory and he began to start inventing and experiment wing with model motors. It was not long before his patent for the polyphase ac motor was granted.

George Westinghouse realized that Tesla was a great inventor and was able to produce working models that were substantial improvements upon earlier designs. Westinghouse hired Tesla to work on a design for the Niagara Falls Power contract that used Tesla’s patented Polyphase motor.

Although Westinghouse did pay Tesla, and in fact paid him very well, Tesla chose to go back to his own laboratory and continue developing his own concepts for high frequency currents. Tesla invented the famous Tesla coil that uses these very high frequencies.

Tesla Inventions: Tesla speaking about his set-backs and achievements

“We are but cogwheels in the medium of the universe, and it is… and unavoidable consequence of the laws governing that the pioneer who is far in advance of his age is not understood and must suffer pain and disappointment and be content with the higher reward which is accorded to him by posterity”

Tesla experienced several disappointments and had many setbacks throughout his life and as he grew older some of his more obscure inventions are still today not fully understood by scientists.  The Tesla inventions that use free energy and those that draw free energy from the atmosphere are particularly of interest today. Alternative energy systems are constantly being refined and are becoming more readily accessible and useable for the ordinary person.

Tesla inventions


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Tesla Energy The Ionoshpere And Radio Waves

The IonosphereLets consider Tesla Energy, the Ionosphere and radio waves.

Learning about electricity and radio transmission has to be one of the neatest skills to learn.

I am in the process of studying for a Ham Radio License and wow it is fun!

It brings all of the technical aspects of the Tesla Generator to life. You can just feel and imagine how Tesla was entranced by the power of electrical waves and energy.


Back in the late 19th century when they were just discovering radio waves and the possibilities of transmitting over long distances and world wide communications. Bouncing radio waves off the ionosphere.

The skills and knowledge needed to do this are quite intricate and so in order to advance your technical knowledge and operating skills there is a fair amount to learn.

Back when they were on the cusp of discovering this amazing technology – That was Tesla’s Time.

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Universities Become Natural Leaders In Renewable Energy

Our Universities are demonstrating the practical viability of using alternative energy systems. This is not about a partial use of renewable resources but a move towards a total dependency upon sustainable energy resources.

renewable energy plan
From the Energy Collective:

Beneath the campus of Ball State University in Indiana is a labyrinth of pipes 400 feet deep, filled with water that heats and cools much of the campus and that, when complete, will allow the school to retire four archaic coal-fired boilers.

At the University of Minnesota’s twin campuses in Morris, two 1.6-megawatt wind turbines provide more than half the school’s electricity and power experimental operations making hydrogen fuel and fertilizer. Two solar thermal installations heat and cool an indoor pool and other buildings; and a biomass reactor uses corn cobs to generate steam for heating, cooling and electricity.

Read the rest of this interesting article here.


Throughout the Midwest the trend is to use onsite renewable and clean energy and this usually is either geothermal,wind, solar or biomass. Often we are seeing a mixture of several kinds of alternative energy systems being used in one university. Obviously they are hoping that in the long term they will save money.

Apparently the Universities are also favored in that they can contract to buy clean energy as a way of reducing their carbon footprint.

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Small Tesla Generator Provides Alternative As Tax Credits Come to an End

Small Tesla Generator and Tax creditsThere is uncertainty in the air as the coveted tax credits are coming to an end. Tax credits for both solar and wind power have enable many people to make the move towards alternative energy whilst having the comfort knowing that a chunk of their investment in the technology will be covered by the government in the form of tax credits.

However with these tax credits coming to an end how on earth can most ordinary homeowners afford the initial cost of setting up either a solar or wind powered sustainable energy system.


The answer is as always the Tesla generator. It is a Micro system and you can build your alternative energy system up in stages, rather like building blocks.

The initial investment is small and the expertise required is minimal.

You can pick up the blueprints that you will need for your small Tesla generator here on my site.


If you haven’t heard from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), you probably will.

Ominous, scary ads are running nationwide warning of the crushing blow to American jobs if Congress fails to extend the Production Tax Credit (‘PTC’), the 20-year ‘temporary’ subsidy most credited for market growth in the wind sector. The PTC is due to expire at the end of this year.

Most of the ads target particular House members who, so far, have resisted the industry’s demands for their PTC earmark. The pressure is particularly heated right now as Congress negotiates the payroll tax holiday bill, which is viewed by many as the last best chance to attach an extension of the PTC before November’s presidential election.

AWEA is also leaning on its friends to do its bidding. Politicos from wind-friendly states like Iowa, and Kansas have written letters to members of the Congressional conference committee that’s now hashing out the tax bill. The letters repeat the same tired talking points about jobs. Read more:



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Four Million Volts: Nikola Tesla’s Goal

Continuing our series on the amazing aspirations and achievements of Nikola Tesla.

Now this is the genius that brought you the Tesla Generator.

Nikola Tesla Generator
In order to achieve his goal of putting incredible power into the hands of humankind, Nikola Tesla needed to develop the ability to generate high outputs of electricity and transmit them over long distances without the aid of wires or other hard connections. He spent a great deal of time in his home laboratory in the 1890’s trying to develop just such a capability. He outlined his efforts in an article he later wrote about his goal of increasing human energy.

Nikola Tesla Generates Four Million Volts

In the spring of 1893, Tesla achieved electrical tensions of approximately one million volts with the coils in his laboratory. This was far beyond what anyone else had achieved at that time. He continued to make progress in his lab and increased electrical output until his efforts were set back by a laboratory fire which destroyed much of his equipment in 1895.

He resumed work as soon as possible. Tesla knew that a larger apparatus could more easily attain the quantities of electro-motive force that he was seeking. However, he was determined to find a way to do so with a smaller transformer.

Soon, he had developed just such a device and discovered that he could make it generate as many as four million volts. This was done without allowing charge to accumulate improperly at any point. He was also able to transmit these charges across distances as great as 16 feet. He could generate the kind of power for which he was looking. Now he sought to extend his ability to transmit that power across great distances.

Now Tesla began to plan the erection of a tower to both generate and transmit the voltage which he was capable of producing.  He completed these plans in 1899. He spent a year in Colorado improving and refining his techniques before seeking to build this tower on Long Island.

Nikola Tesla Generator

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Tesla Secret Generator Brings Energy Independence Home

The Tesla Secret Generator is for those who realize the value of alternative energy.

tesla secret generator

Nikola Tesla was shunned at the end of his life and long career in science and industry. He had been one of the most sought after and highly regarded inventors of his time, but his unique way of looking at the world and his fierce pursuit of answers to whatever questions intrigued him most led to a tragically lonely end.

The last decades of Tesla’s life and research are shrouded in legend and mystery among them was his Tesla secret generator.

People today are still discovering new technological insights provided by the body of work that Tesla left behind when he died in 1943. In addition, rumors of a Tesla Secret generator that could change everything about the electrical engineering industry have lived on in popular science circles ever since. Continue reading

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Micro Alternative Energy Systems

Micro alternative energy systems are having a huge impact upon the ability of ordinary homeowners to begin using these types of energy systems to generate their own electricity. No longer do we expect to be able to magically build a cheap system that will enable us to detach ourselves from the grid, rather we can anticipate to gradually generate sufficient electricity to replace a small part of our overall usage. The micro Tesla generator is just one of these micro energy systems.

Energy has a significant impact not only upon the lives  of ordinary, individual people the world over but also play a major roll in our governments and our countries the world over.  For many of us the prospect of living without the convenience of electricity is something that we will never have to give a second thought to. Yet most people living in underdeveloped countries do not even have an electric grid within a hundred miles.  If humankind were to continue upon its present course  then the problems that we are facing today will only become more serious.

Not only are we using too much energy but we also need to make use of alternative types of energy. It is essential that we make changes to our energy consumption. There are many different alternative energy schemes that are being used today throughout the world. What we are noticing is that the technically complicated devices and systems that are being used in the developed parts of the world tend to be very expensive and require a fair bit of ability in order to set them up. At the same time in the third world countries similar systems utilizing the same renewable resources are in fact very simple in design.

Compare for example, the intricate solar panel design that is set up on the roof of the suburban home in a city with a simple solar stove outside the mud hut in the east African village. They both provide us with the power to cook our food and yet how much simpler in design is the reflective solar powered cooker.  It is this use of micro energy systems that is actually making a real difference today.

Up until this point leaving the important decisions of how to invest in alternative energy solutions just has not worked. Many individuals, however have found ways to generate their own electricity. It is by using micro energy systems within their homes that people are managing to not only reduce their energy costs but also their usage.

It is no longer acceptable to turn a blind eye to the world’s energy problems. The accepted norm is changing as individual homeowners are becoming  more familiar with the different ways to make their own electric power.   Today it is quite in vogue to carry around a recycled shopping bag and to grow your own vegetables on the patio in recycled plastic buckets.

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Radiant Energy As Lumens Per Watt

Nikola Tesla was the first person to discover and tap into this amazing free source energy known as Radiant Energy.

Radiant Energy GeneratorThe scientific explanation for radiant energy goes something like this: The visibility of radiant energy means that you take the ratio of luminosity to radiant power. I understand that to mean that it is the ratio between the brightness of the sunlight and its warmth. Now the scientists were able to express this in a unit of power and they called it Lumens per watt. Radiant energy is in fact a very powerful yet free source of energy. We use it almost daily during the summer months and an example of this is when we hang our washing out on the line to dry. Radiant energy can also be magnified by a solar mirror and when this happens it generates a massive amount of power. I thought that this photo of the sun shining through the branches and leaves of this tree serves as a wonderful example of radiant energy. The suns rays carry this energy down to the earth for us all to use.

Energy is generally defined as something’s ability to do work on some other thing. There are several different kinds of energy. One of the individual types of energy is radiant energy. Radiant energy is the energy emitted by electromagnetic waves. There are both visible and invisible forms of radiant energy. When you see light rays from the sun passing through the branches of a tree, for example, you are witnessing a form of radiant energy: visible light.

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Solving The Energy Poverty Problem Where There Is No Grid

electrical gridLiving here in the USA where even those families that are supposedly living on the poverty line have TV’s, computers and play stations it is hard to imagine life without these splendid luxuries. But that is what they are “luxuries”. A large portion of the world does not even have access to electricity let alone these commonplace electrical gadgets that we all take for granted.

Living without electricityIf we had no available electricity then we would find a means to generate our own, albeit a small amount. There are many blueprints and plans for getting off the grid that work well enough to generate sufficient electricity to power essential appliances. So for example cooking and lighting would be no problem. The basic components for generating your own electricity are almost household items. For example a Tesla radiant energy generator costs only a few dollars.

But what can be done for those who live in energy poverty. Energy poverty is a serious threat to the developing worlds and steps are being made to tackle this problem.

Read the original article source

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Despite Delay, the 100-Watt Bulb Is on Its Way Out

This extract from the New York Times illustrates the general trend towards green living and the use of alternative energy and energy efficiency devices in our homes today.

energy efficiency

The incandescent lightbulbs are finally on their way out.


The law to phase out traditional incandescent light bulbs was promoted as a simple, almost painless, change when Congress first passed it. By requiring that light bulbs use at least 25 percent less electricity, starting in 2012, the nation would use less energy, manufacturers would invent more efficient types of bulbs and the planet would be spared millions of tons of carbon emissions every year.

But the traditional light bulb — that lowly orb of glass, filament and threaded metal base — has become a powerful emotional symbol, conjuring both consumer anxiety over losing a familiar and flattering light source and political antipathy to government meddling.

On Friday, the House voted to delay enforcement of the new standards until at least Oct. 1, with the Senate expected to agree, as part of a last-minute budget deal to keep the government operating through the rest of the fiscal year. Republicans have vowed to press for a full repeal of the new rules.


I wonder what Nikola Tesla would have to say about this? Possibly something along the lines of “now is the time for my wireless electricity”.


You can read the rest of the article here.

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Tesla Wireless World System

The First World System Of Nikola Tesla

The mind of Nikola Tesla was not satisfied with merely inventing great machines and devices. He had far-reaching plans for integrating their use world-wide and bringing increased power to people around the globe. In private, he referred to this as his World-System, which would rely on the wireless transmission of power to enable the empowerment of humankind. Here we discuss the Tesla Wireless World System.

Tesla Wireless World System

From The Electrical Experimenter, February 1919

Advocating For The First World System Power Plant

Tesla outlined five key applications of his discoveries in describing his envisioned world-system. He suggested that this plan could be put into use in nine months with the beginning of operations at the power plant he had designed. Among other things, he promised that this plant could attain power equal to ten million horsepower at little cost to the human race.

  • Tesla’s Transformer. The inventor claimed that this device could create stronger electric currents than had been seen before. He also said that he himself had produced sparks over 100 feet long with his own equipment.
  • The Magnifying Transmitter. Many would agree that this was Tesla’s best invention. He was able to produce electrical output stronger than that of a lightning bolt. He claimed to have passed a current successfully all the way around the globe with this device.
  • Tesla’s Wireless System. This system is the sole method known for transferring electricity long distances without the aid of a wire or other hard connection. The potential is for world-wide transmission which would lose only a few percent of original power, at most.
  • Individualization of Tune. Tesla discovered how to refine transmitted signals so that they could not be deciphered or even detected, since they would neither interfere with other signals nor would they take interference. Each signal would have a unique identity.
  • Terrestrial Waves. The last part of Tesla’s world system plan includes the application of his discovery that the Earth responds to electric vibrations just as a tuning fork responds to sound.


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Nikola Tesla And The Nature Trigger

While keeping in context with the general topic of this website about the Tesla Generator  I am including a series of interesting discussions to do with the inventions and concepts of this great inventor and thinker. The Tesla generator is possibly the most useful of his discoveries in that it enables the ordinary person to begin to make their own electricity, albeit in small amounts.

This short article is about Nikola Tesla and his pursuance of free energy.
It is incredible how a person’s mind may be spurred to fantastic revelations by the natural events that surround him. Nikola Tesla was often moved by his perception of the natural world to create or design instruments that would open the doors of the universe’s power storage. He was often successful in doing so.

The famous inventor was already a successful man when the idea for his magnifying transmitter first came to him in the mountains while he took a relaxing walk. A thunderstorm threatened and he took temporary refuge from it, though he remained where he could watch the storm approach and then develop overhead. He was particularly intrigued by the way that the rain began to fall.

Nikola Tesla Observing Nature’s Trigger

The storm threatened but did not release any rain until a key event happened. Tesla noted that a flash of lightning preceded the fall of rain. He realized that the electrical output had triggered the rainfall. More importantly, he realized that the amount of electricity required to trigger it was easily within his capacity to generate.

Tesla was overcome with the potentialities that he saw in the development of such a trigger that humans could utilize. At the present time, it was only the power of the sun’s warmth which could move masses of moist air over the regions of the Earth, falling in one spot and failing to fall in others. Those areas that received rain were arable and those that did not were deserts.

Were humans to possess devices which could spur or deter rainfall, they would be able to transform the Earth in any fashion they desired. Fascinated by the potential power of such a device, Tesla returned home that day intent on learning how to harness the electrical powers of the world for this end. In 1892, he began work which would further this end as well as his simultaneous desire to transmit energy wirelessly.

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Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

magnifying transmitter

Photograph of a model showing how the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Tower would have looked.

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He invented many diverse uses for electricity. Some inventions were far ahead of his time and remained only as patented designs until long after his death this includes the Tesla Generator. One of the most famous designs was for a magnifying transmitter. Tesla intended this device to be a tower from which you could send power wirelessly to another location.

Magnifying Transmitter Concept

In the 1890’s, Tesla first imagined the concepts behind his magnifying transmitter. These ideas were spurred to fruition when he took refuge from a passing thunderstorm during a walk in the mountains. He noticed how rain threatened from the heavy clouds but did not fall until lightning flashes ensued. Then the rain fell copiously. He understood that there was a connection between the electrical outburst and the resulting rainfall. The electrical discharge in the form of lightning, he realized, acted as a trigger to cause the rainfall. Tesla imagined that humans could control rainfall around the world and transform blighted lands into gardens if they could just properly harness electrical discharges.

Development of the magnifying transmitter

In the following years, Tesla sought to increase the maximum amount of voltage that he could generate in order to someday produce the amount of power he had seen in the thunderstorm’s lightning bolts. The following year he managed to achieve tensions of more than one million volts in his laboratory. His progress was delayed by a fire that destroyed his equipment in 1895, but by the end of the decade he was producing four million volts.

The Magnifying Transmitter required a tower of certain proportions. In the years before World War One, Tesla built a tower 187 feet tall on Long island. This tower was topped with a circular terminal that was 68 feet in diameter. He reported success with the experiments he conducted in his magnifying transmitter tower. However, the tower was destroyed when war broke out in Europe.

We must remember that of the inventions by Nikola Tesla the one that is being used in home today if only on a small scale is the Tesla Generator.

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter resource

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Tesla Generator Review

Free Energy For All Humanity Was Tesla’s Dream.

tesla generator

Tesla Generator - Teslas Field of Lights (from the film Prestige)

Nikola Tesla is the Grandfather of Electricity – He discovered it – He made it safe for us all to use.

Tesla wanted every single person on this planet to be able to make their own electricity. He did not think it right that the big energy companies made money from something that was freely available.

Now remember… this was all happening way back, at the turn of the 20th century.  When Nikola Tesla died  in 1943 the US Government seized every single one of his papers.

This knowledge had remained hidden and  kept secret for all these years.

Why did they do this?  Why suppress this knowledge?

They did it for MONEY… the newly formed Energy Corporations did not like the idea of people being able to generate their own electricity. They wanted to charge you for it. We all know that the Energy Companies have been making vast amounts of money charging everybody for using electricity.

But the TRUTH has now been told as the archives  have been opened to public scrutiny.

This technology is ground-breaking. It’s life-changing and is an effective way to produce natural, clean energy.

Tesla generator gives free energy

Free Energy means:

  • You do not have to pay the energy companies for your electricity!
  • You do not need to use expensive solar panels, wind power or batteries!
  • You do not need to spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to get the Tesla Generator set up and running!

Tesla Generator Provides Clean Energy:

  • There are No Emissions
  • There are No Fumes
  • There are No pollutants at all

The Tesla Generator is a simple system that can easily produce FREE electricity!
There is such a vast resource of natural energy in the atmosphere that surrounds us …  all that you need in order to be able to harness this energy is the right device and then you can convert it into usable kilowatts.
You will discover precisely how to build a Tesla generator using these blueprints. This generator will allow you to tap into the earth’s natural energy and use it to help power your home.

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Tesla Generator Compared Alternative Energy

alternative energy sourcesAlternative energy sources hold much promise for enhancing the Earth’s environment by eliminating toxic emissions associated with traditional energy generation. They also help conserve scarce natural resources by utilizing inexhaustible energy supplies. In this post I am comparing the Tesla Generator with these various renewable energy systems to see which are more energy efficient.

Following are some specific forms of such alternative resources and their relative advantages.

Tesla generator compared

Converting your residence into an alternative energy home with a Tesla generator is an exceptionally cost-efficient, eco-friendly option. Tesla generators circumvent all drawbacks of other alternative resources.

Costing less than $100 USD to build, these handy compact devices generate up to 4.5 megawatts of power. This is sufficient to provide continuous current to power an entire alternative energy home with excess electricity to spare. Continue reading

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Tesla Generator Revolution

Talking About A Tesla Generator Revolution
tesla generatorNikola Tesla was an engineer and inventor who was every bit as brilliant as his rival, Thomas Edison. He was instrumental in the advent of commercially available electricity, and his contributions to the field of electromagnetism around the turn of the twentieth century were legitimately revolutionary. The work he did to help develop the alternating current, or AC form of electricity is credited with giving rise to the second industrial revolution.

Truly a man ahead of his time, Tesla was responsible for making some claims about the possibilities of energy and energy transmission that seemed impossible during his lifetime, but have been proven to be valid today. Continue reading

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Tesla Fuelless Generator And Smart Home Energy Generation Systems

Tesla fuelless generator is creating a stir…

Today it is easy to take the energy that we use every day for granted. Do you ever stop and consider where your electricity actually comes from?

tesla fuelless generatorIn the morning when you turn on your coffee machine for your first cup of coffee or quickly turn some hash browns for the kids breakfast on the stove. Take a moment to trace the electricity from your plug on the wall. From the wiring in your home it goes out to the electricity supply network consisting of miles and miles of wires and pylons back to the electric power plants.

Be honest with yourself – we do, on the whole, take it all for granted.

Long gone are the days when the only source of power was the coal from the mines or oil from the depths of the earth. Today the electricity that comes to us via the grid has multiple sources. We have brown coal, black coal, nuclear energy, gas, hydro-power, wind power (both offshore and onshore) Biomass, solar energy, magnetic and radiant energy from the Tesla fuelless generator.

The raw cost of each of these is only part of the true picture. Most of these forms of power also require backup systems. For those times when, for example, the power coming from wind energy drops during windless periods, and also to meet peak demand periods. The distribution and connection networks are hugely expensive also. All of this cost is being passed on to you as the consumer.

It is because of the increasing cost of electricity that there has been a move by homeowners, and forward looking businesses, to find alternative ways to produce and generate their electricity. There is absolutely no doubt now that converting your home to alternative energy is a very effective way to reduce your energy bills. We see the use of wind turbines and solar power panel systems becoming far more common place than say thirty years ago.

Acceptance of the Nikola Tesla fuelless generator Continue reading

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Tesla Power Generation Systems

Since the ‘70s, the increasing costs of oil prompted many people to look for other energy sources that are free, cheap, and just as effective. Tesla Power GenerationScientists have toiled away trying to create free power and now have come up with the Tesla power generation system, which provides free power. Nowadays, you will find a range of systems that will help you generate free electricity that you can use to power your house. You can come up with various systems that can take energy from natural sources like the wind or sun. You can also find magnetic generators that are proven to generate energy independently. However, using a Tesla power generator is growing in popularity.

Tesla Power Generation System Continue reading

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