Tesla Generator

The Tesla Generator was first invented by Nikola Tesla way back at the end 1800′s.

Nikola Tesla Tells Of His Student Days

I came across this fascinating gem of information recounted by Nikola Tesla of his student days in Prague. I unearthed it from a magazine that was written back in 1905.

Nikola Tesla Tale

It is titled: Training The Faculties

Nikola Tesla’s student days in Prague

Nikola Tesla was talking about his student days at Prague. “I remember well at Prague,” he said, “an old professor of great originality and acumen. This professor insisted on the value of a free use of the perceptive faculties, and he was always pointing out the need for this use in strange ways.

“One day, on arising to lecture, he began: “Gentlemen, you do not use your faculties of observation as you should.”

“He laid on the table before him a pot, filled with some vile-smelling chemical compound – a thick, brown stuff.

“When I was a student,” he went on, “I did not fear to use my sense of taste.”

“He dipped his finger deep into the pot and then stuck the finger in his mouth.

“Taste it, gentlemen. Taste it,” he said, smiling grimly.

“The evil pot passed round the class, and one after another we dipped our fingers in it and then sucked them clean. The taste of the thick brown compound was horrible. We made wry faces and spluttered. The professor watched us with a grim smile.

“When the pot was finally returned to him, his thin lips parted, and he gave a dry chuckle.

“I must repeat gentlemen.” he said, “that you do not use your faculties of observation. If you  had looked more closely at me you would have observed that the finger I put in my mouth was not the one I dipped into the pot.”

Watch for more interesting articles about Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Generator

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Tesla Working in His New York Laboratory

tesla new york

5th Avenue New York in 1900

Towards the end of the 1890′s Nikola Tesla was the controlling engineer of the Niagara Power Company and at the same time consulting engineer to other corporations that were interested in the supply and delivery of electricity.

When he was not working on these projects Tesla was in his laboratory at 35 South 5th Avenue, New York.  Tesla had about 15 men working for him most days on electrical experiments under his personal direction.
Tesla worked just as hard as his men and used his small office with a roll-top desk and a small rug only when talking to visitors.
Tesla was constantly striving to reduce the waste that he saw in the production of electricity and to discover new ways of generating free electricity without the use of wires for all to use.

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Tesla Energy Generator And Commercial Electricity

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century whose last important invention may have been the Tesla energy generatorTesla energy generator. His inventions and theories spurred the development of commercial electricity. However, he also made many revolutionary claims about harnessing universal powers that would provide humans with free  and abundant energy.

Significance of Tesla Energy Generator

The Tesla power generator has remained cloaked in secrecy since Nikola Tesla’s death in 1943. After inventing the alternating current, which is the primary form of electrical transmission still in use today, Tesla wanted to make electricity available cheaply to all people. At the time he lived, there were billions of people without any type of electrical power to ease the otherwise difficult conditions of their lives. His writings indicate that he had created devices that harnessed the abundant energy of the universe, such as that found in cosmic rays, to power devices that could produce energy without any need to burn fuels such as oil or coal.

Mystery surrounds the Tesla energy generator

This fuelless generator generated little more than cynicism at the time when Tesla discussed its plans. His remarks about it still remain among his writings. He claimed to have found a way to generate electricity by placing one metal plate high in the air and another metal plate in the ground. He connected the two plates with wires that connected to a capacitor. His writings state that this arrangement generated electricity without having to add any additional energy to the system.

This Tesla energy generator sounds deceptively like a perpetual motion machine. This has caused many to spurn any further investigation into Tesla’s claims because such a machine defies the laws of physics. However, close reading of Tesla’s writings shows that the inventor never thought of it that way. Instead, he seems to have felt that he was tapping into an abundant source of ambient energy in the universe.

Tesla  Energy Generator

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Tesla Energy With The Innovative Generator

The state of the world today is that oil is decreasing. As a result, electricity prices are increasing and humans are now looking for other ways Tesla energyto create energy. Even so, solutions to cure the world’s current energy crisis have existed for over a century. One individual who set out to find a source for abundant energy was named Nikola Tesla and he created the Tesla energy generator.

History of Tesla Energy

The Croatian-born innovator arrived in the U.S. to start developing his inventions. Tesla started to build his invention that made it likely for anyone to use electricity in his or her homes more efficiently. Tesla studied the way that energy could be transmitted by wireless transmission  and how solar power was used. According to his beliefs, the sun nourished the planet and the answer to the world’s dependence on energy lied in solar power.

Machines powered by the sun, water, and wind have been produced on a mass scale but Tesla energy is an innovation that is not known well. It is a renewable energy source at least a hundred years old that is now being used to conserve the environment and save money.

The power in this device lies in its ability to take in meager amounts of energy and transform it into significant amounts of energy. The energy can exceed the normal amount for a typical home, which makes the Tesla generator very effective. Apart from the fact that most homes can use this generator, it is also very affordable and simple to build. The building process can be aided by guides available on the Internet. One can also buy this device online if they do not want to build it themselves, after the generator is built and going, the homeowner can immediately start saving on their electricity bills.

Tesla energy generator

The Tesla energy generator also does not require much maintenance either in part because it is compact. This makes it easier to put it in just about any area in the home without it drawing too much attention. You can even carry it along to outdoor excursions if necessary.

Having a Tesla generator comes with many benefits. The most apparent one is that it can create electricity by itself and that it reduces electricity costs. It is very affordable, simple to build, and emits no radiation, toxic fumes, or excessive noises. Additionally, it is the most affordable alternative energy device available to the typical person.

Another advantage to installing this tool has to do with tax benefits. The government will lower your taxes by deducting the generator if you can prove you have one in your home. They do this so they can persuade people to take up alternative energy devices. However, owning more than generator will not help you get extra deductions. Only the first device that is set up will get the benefit.

By putting a Tesla energy generator into a living area, the people around will benefit a great deal. The electricity created will help the bill payer save a lot of money on electricity. Not only that but a generator is a clean, renewable source that has no harmful side effects. It is one of the most affordable ways to save energy and can help people move towards producing energy in smarter ways. The Tesla energy system is suitable for all households, businesses and institutions

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The Tesla Fuelless Generator Takes The Lead In Efficiency

A full decade after obtaining patents for his highly successful alternating current devices, Nikola Tesla made a bold pronouncement in 1890. He shocked the scientific community by announcing that he had developed an alternative energy source capable of operating entirely on natural light. Since then, Tesla fuelless generators have become widely accepted as viable alternative energy sources.

Introducing the Tesla Fuelless GeneratorTesla Fuelless generator

While yet a young college student, Tesla proposed the possibility of self-sustained electrical energy. A professor advised him that such an invention would be a practical impossibility, as perpetual movement would be required to maintain its power supply. Undaunted, Tesla moved forward with his idea. His persistence paid off. In the late 19th-century, he received patents for a motor, generator, and transformer – all of which operated on alternating electrical current.

Today, fuelless generators induce the same scientific cynicism as did Tesla’s suggestion that perpetual motion was possible.  The critical inquiry at the heart of this scientific controversy? Whether Nikola Tesla fuelless generators were true scientific breakthroughs or mere alternative applications of long-standing physical laws.

Inspiration for the Tesla Fuelless Generator

Tesla’s thoughts first turned to creating a self-sustaining energy source after he perused a Kelvin statement that proclaimed the impossibility of any mechanical device operating and generating energy from a single heat source. Such logic had a certain intuitive appeal, however. After all, how can something that generates energy function absent the presence of other energy?

The Roll Of Sunlightenergy from the sun

The essence of all Tesla’s theories is that the sun is an eternal, omnipresent natural energy source. With proper tools and techniques, man may harvest its enormous photon emissions for a broad range of practical applications.

Tesla Turbines

Tesla readily recognized that conventional electrical generators such as his alternating current device were incapable of direct cosmic energy extraction. Thus, he turned his attention to the “turbine.” The water pump is the world’s best-known turbine-driven device. In 1913, this Tesla invention received patent #1,061,206.  The distinctive advantage of turbines is greater water quantity that moves much more rapidly than with flat metallic pad devices.

Nikola Tesla Fuelless Generator: Self-sustained energy flow

Now, some explanations of the fundamental physical properties underlying self-sustained electrical current are in order.

In a 1958 scholarly publication, noted scientist Walter M. Elasser theorized that the then-famous Faraday energy generator was modifiable for perpetual electrical current maintenance. The basic internal Faraday components consisted of a set of spinning discs placed between two electromagnets. This format could never maintain current indefinitely, however. The disc’s electrical charge was too weak to withstand the conductor’s opposing resistance.

Elasser posited that any form of matter that possessed one thousand times the electrical conductivity of copper could generate and maintain self-sustained current. He further suggested that increasing disc rotation to incomprehensible speeds or huge component enlargements would also have the same effect.

Tesla had no materials available with one thousand times the conducive capabilities of copper. Nor did he have the ability to spin discs with the super-rapidity required to generate self-sustaining electrical current. Neither did he have plans to construct a rotating metal disc several miles in diameter. Instead, he took the innovative tack of converting excess energy emissions into usable power.

Unipolar energy dynamics

Tesla improved upon Faraday’s fundamental design in two important aspects. First, he employed magnetic discs of a much larger diameter that covered the entire surface of the disc. Secondly, he subdivided the disc surface.  Each subsection featured curved spirals that ran from the middle to the outer disc edge.

Radiant EnergyRadiant energy

No precise definition for radiant energy currently exists. All descriptions include electro-magnetivity to a greater or lesser degree, however. The term especially denotes internally generated energy excess emissions into the external environment. Such energy forms may be invisible or visible to human eyes.

As the term implies, radiant energy emits from effervescent sources.  It disperses in multi-directional patterns. Some common practical applications of radiant energy include clothes drying, medical diagnostics, and the disinfecting of bed linens.

Many other practical radiant energy applicants have also been devised. These include control and communications media, and sorting/separating industrial functions. The common characteristic underlying all these applications is a radiant energy source linked to a responsive device. The responsive mechanism detects and signals any significant change in its emission level by some immediate, conspicuous reaction.

Home heating systems are a relatively recent radiant energy application. Radiated energy may be generated via electrical means such as infrared lamps.  It is also absorb-able via natural sunlight for subsequent water-heating use.

Elements driven by radiant heat provide direct warmth to objects and people within a given space, instead of surrounding air space. Much like microwaves cook more efficiently and rapidly by direct targeting of food sources. Likewise, radiant heating allows lower operating temperatures than conventional methods – without any corresponding loss of perceptible temperature. Undoubtedly, radiant heating and the Tesla fuelless generator will win the race as the home energy wave of the future.

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Visualizing The Tesla Fuelless Generator

Tesla first began to think about the possibility of deriving energy directly from the environment when he was living in Paris back in 1883

Tesla fuelless generator

Tesla Particle Collector

and it took another  years before he was had the time to begin to develop his idea in to his fuelless generator.

Tesla Fuelless Generator

What is fascinating is that Tesla used to visualize his concepts and piece them together in his mind long before ever putting pen to paper and sketching out his designs or reaching for the drawing board.

Tesla tells us that  he first had the concept of or the idea of the possibility of radiant energy after reading a statement by Lord Kelvin, who had been doing work on the mathematical analysis of electricity and the laws of thermodynamics. Lord Kelvin said  that it was impossible to build a mechanism that was capable of abstracting heat from the surrounding medium and then to use that heat to operate a device.

This got Tesla thinking – and as a thought experiment he envisioned a very long bundle of metal rods that extended from the earth  into outer space. He thought that since the earth was warmer than outer space then heat would be conducted up the bars along with an electric current.

How do Tesla Fuelless generators work?

Very simply then all that he would need to do was to connect the two ends of the metal bars to a motor using a very long cord. “this would be an inanimate engine which, to all evidence, would be cooling a portion of the medium below the temperature of the surrounding, and operating by the heat abstracted” in other words it would generate energy directly from the environment without “the consumption of any material”

He makes the concept of generating free energy from the atmosphere using a Tesla fuelless  generator sound so simple.



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Plug Into The Tesla Generator System


tesla generator system

Download the Tesla Generator System

When you down load the Tesla Generator System you will quickly realize just how easy it actually is to achieve true energy independence.

And sooner than you could ever have imagined….now!

It does not take long once you get started. You work your way through the EnergybyTesla guide that comes complete with detailed blueprints , pictures and step by step instructions.

There is a wrought iron clad 60 day guarantee to give you the comfort of knowing that you can at any time within the 60 days following your purchase request a refund.


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Tesla Generator Is In Top 10 Green Energy Saving Devices

What is it about the Tesla generator that has brought this particular electric home generator into the top 10 of green energy devices?
This amount of interest is bringing with it a record number of sales.
Tesla electric generratorPeople are talking with their feet, so to speak, when they purchase these blueprints that will guide them in building a generator for themselves.

Tesla electric generator is a solution

Of all the alternative energy solutions that are out there in the market place and are viable systems (and this is important) the Tesla electric generator is not only the cheapest but the most interesting.

It does not matter who you are or what your background is you are intrigued and fascinated by the prospect of being able to generate your own energy so that you can make ends meet.

We are all survivalists at heart… our natural instinct is to survive, thrive or pull through whatever the situation we find ourselves in.

If there is a storm or hurricane approaching, what do we do?  We run for shelter.

It is no different when it comes to our homes and our energy or power that we need in order to survive.

We cannot do without power – modern living and the electric companies have seen to that.

If you were to sit down and make a list of everything that comprises your comfortable lifestyle you will see that almost everything on your list requires electricity.

It is an undisputed fact that many of us are trying out of necessity to cut back on our day to day living expenses in an effort to try and save money.

Tesla generator helps cut energy costs

Reducing our energy costs is high up on that list simply because we can.

Did you know that for every single degree in temperature that you lower your thermostat during the winter results in a 3% reduction in power cost? The same applies when you turn your thermostat up a few notches in the summer months so that your air conditioner is not running so much.

Building or constructing an alternative energy generating system should be high on your list of money and energy efficiency savings.

Simply because it also means that you will still be able to use the smaller appliances yet the electric cost is reduced to nothing since they draw their energy from your Tesla generator.

Think about it for just a minute – anything, no matter how small, that you can do that reduces your overall electric bill is a real saving in money.

By building a small Tesla electric generator that you can use to run your smaller appliances and electrical devices on you will see dramatic reduction in your energy bills.

So why not take a look at the official Tesla generator site and see for yourself the kind of savings that you can expect to make.

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Discover How A Tesla Generator Can Help You Save Money

With so many families looking into renewable sources of energy, it should come as no big surprise that there’s a renewed fascination with the Tesla generator.

Tesla generator savingsThis generator is an electric generator based on the designs from the 19th century creator Nikola Tesla. He developed these generators in 1891 as he imagined a world where electricity was free and infinite.

Tesla generator plans

Exploring around on the web you can get the instructions and plans that show you how to build your own Tesla generator. These electric generators were supposed to provide a safer supply of energy than that developed by Thomas Edison. He used his unique theories on electrical power and electricity transmission to develop his generator. He was also driven by his desire to bridge the gap between those who had plenty and those who did not have enough.

He planned to make free electricity a gift to everyone in the world. He felt all people should have the ability to come home and use electricity irrespective of their socioeconomic status.

This electric generator was designed as an alternating current system capable of producing high currents with a high voltage. He eventually developed the Tesla coil as well as conducted many other types of experiments such as alternating current in high frequency for electric generators, electrical lighting, electrotherapy, transmitting energy without wires and x- ray generation. Of all these experiments, his enduring legacy will be the coil that bears his name. Versions of the Tesla coil or coils based on his design were fairly common in science fairs and museums.

The Tesla coil has probably endured because of its use of the alternating current that produces a reasonably high current with a high voltage. These coils were used in the early 1900s for various things such as wireless telegraphy to power the spark gap transmitters in the radio. They were also used in what would now be called alternative medicine for electrotherapy as well as in other kinds of pseudo- medical devices. Even though others continue to make their own coils based on this design, his continues to be the most famous because it tends to be cheap as well as reliable. With the resurgence of interest in his methods and devices, one will find lots of sites that promise to give the secret of Tesla’s designs.

Tesla Generator the alternative energy generator

When one is looking into this alternative energy source, you must be careful that the source is reputable. There are many sites that claim to offer the plans one will need in order to build his or her own generator and start producing free energy. The idea of paying less than one hundred dollars for supplies so that you can build a generator that will produce free power is of interest to many. However, you will need to fully grasp not just how to make the device but in addition the concepts that went into creating them in order to construct an effective generator. Still, it is undoubtedly well worth looking into a Tesla generator in order to discover an environmentally- friendly source of power and also an inexpensive one.

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Become Part Of The Tesla Generator Generation

When the Tesla generator was first conceived sometime during the late eighteenth century little did Tesla know that he was beginning a completely tesla generatornew age of alternative technology. He was passionate about the plight of the poor folks within the world. It concerned him intensely that even though many families enjoyed the advantages of electrical energy, there were still many more that could not. Anybody these days, who has known the feeling of having their own electricity disconnected by the utility company, would probably, be interested in Tesla’s alternative energy.

Tesla Electric Generator For Alternative Energy

There was amazing work being carried out in Tesla’s lab. Fueled by the concept that he could possibly harness the energy of the sunshine, he labored night and day to make it happen. His wonderful breakthrough was the Tesla Coil. Tesla had been able, by making use of alternating electricity currents, to come up with an electric generator that could yield an extremely high field of energy. In time, he created countless patents, and he was actually commissioned by Westinghouse to work with them on an AC current. Tesla kept journals in which he kept records of his experiments with cosmic rays and his power to use them to operate a motive device. He went on to write that it was his personal ambition to offer free electricity as a gift to everybody on the earth.

Unfortunately, when he died, the United States government took hold of nearly every one of his masterpieces, plans, and journals. This is, until not long ago, when his designs have been leaking out to the public. It’s not known if it is by theft, or insider work, nevertheless the public may now obtain his plans, and work on their own personal energy independence.

Tesla Generator Blueprints Available

Among the easiest of the Tesla plans that’s available is the, Nikola Tesla Secret. It’s been examined for price, production, and ease of making, and came out fairly well. It’s some thing the average do-it-yourselfer, could build and get working in possibly a few hours.

When Tesla spoke on the subject of collecting cosmic powers, and utilizing the unlimited supply of sunshine, he wasn’t speaking like some sort of spaced-out cosmic cowboy. He was not even referring to a solar panel style of energy, which simply runs on the sun’s rays. He had been talking about the power of the sun itself, and that is what exactly is so tough for many of us to comprehend. However, it need not be so  baffling. This is the power source  of the Tesla generator that can be used today in homes around the world.


Tesla Generator

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Time To Try The Tesla Generator

Alternative energy is being used more and more these days as the cost of living in general and the cost of fuel in particular is on the up and tesla generator timeup. We are all faced with the dilemma of choosing between something that is new and basically untried and tested and just going along with the crowd tolerating the inevitable fuel costs.
So what is it to be: pay the high costs that the utility companies continue to extract form us or try something new and innovative like the Tesla generator.
I reckon that it is time to be courageous and try something different.

Tesla Generator Time

Forever linked with its designer Nikola Tesla, this electrical generator was designed to generate an inexpensive supply of power that has no negative effects on the environment. The tesla generator does not rely upon fossil fuels or any other nonrenewable resources for energy to work. What’s more, these generators are designed for converting a small level of power into a larger amount, so they could be a part of a home source of electricity.

Anyone considering using a tesla generator for the home can see blueprints for building it from many online sites. One of the major advantages of the generator is that materials required to assemble it tend to cost less than $100. After this investment, you can drastically reduce the costs of your energy payments. Also, the generator is capable of providing considerably more electricity than you may actually use within your home, so just like solar power, it could be feasible to sell energy back to the electricity provider.

Also, there are a great many other advantages to using these electric generators for the home. The Tesla electric generator does not need a whole lot routine maintenance once it is built. It is also fairly small and portable unlike some other generators, so there should be no problem finding somewhere to set it. Since these kinds of generators are so small, they can even be carried for use for those outdoor activities where power outlets are hard to find.

You also don’t have to produce this machine from scratch if you do not possess the practical skills to accomplish the task. Just as you will find the blueprints to make a generator, you can also find outlets that sell the machines. This extra convenience may cost a little more, but it may just be worth the investment considering that the machine produces electrical energy by itself. Moreover, the benefits to the environment include no emission of toxicity and radiation and it also operates very quietly.

Tesla Generator Benefits

This electricity generator is at the same time perhaps the most inexpensive sustainable energy source readily available. Along with the potential for selling electrical power back to the electricity company, this generator may also reduce costs with tax rewards. Folks who make use of sources of renewable energy can get one machine deducted from their taxes. In short, not only does your machine pay for itself, but it also helps the homeowner to earn extra income if it is powerful enough to generate more electricity than is needed.

The many benefits of owning a tesla home generator for use at home go far beyond the costs it will save the homeowner. These types of self-preserving generators are good for the earth since they emit no hazardous substances into the ecosystem. However, you ought to make sure you have a device that’s powerful enough to suit the size of your home. Implementing this alternative source of energy can be easy and produce a sensible amount of electricity for any type of household.


So it really is time to try the Tesla Generator!

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Build A Tesla Generator To Produce Free Electricity

Free electrical power may be  a dream of every person connected to the grid, producing this electricity can be as easy as building a Tesla tesla electric generatorGenerator.  This electric generator was first designed and manufactured by Nikolai Tesla in the late 1930s.   Tesla is considered the father of alternating current.  Although Edison is credited with the invention of transmittable electric current his direct current applications proved to be dangerous and the alternating current system designed by Tesla is the basis for most electrical transmission devices today.

The Tesla generator is a magnetic generator that can produce electrical power. So in effect it is a free electricity generator. Many generators need fuel of some type to power the electrical turbines that produce the electricity.  The electric current that is provided over the wired grid is produced by the burning of fuels that in turn powers generator turbines that produce electric current.  Tesla’s theory was that this power could be generated without the need for fuel.  The theory behind this generator is that there is radiant energy in the world that simply needs to be harnessed.  For an investment of only a few dollars a small generator can easily be built.

Tesla generators for home use

Larger generators that can power a household can be built for a small investment, usually a few hundred dollars and some time in the building of the generating appliance will provide electrical power for a household.  This particular electrical generator  does not require large panels to capture the sun’s rays or turbines that are powered by the wind or waves.  The Tesla generator is a device that operates on simple magnetic principles.  With two coils that transfer and transmit power between themselves and a capacitor to store the power in the generator is a fairly simple device.

Nicola Tesla is credited with having over 300 patents.  These patents are for various devices that involve the generation and transmission of electrical energy.  The Tesla generator, Tesla coil and even X Ray technology are all ideas that he first developed and went on to experiment with over the years.  Each of his experiments led to further discoveries in the world of electrical generation.

One experiment involved the transmission of electricity through space.  By suspending two large discs and creating a spark gap between them he was able to power devices such as lamps and even light bulbs held in a person’s hand.  In Colorado he envisioned that power could be sent for several miles through the atmosphere and would power devices many miles away.  His experiments were successful but never gained popular acceptance.

Tesla generator plans

Tesla’s generator plans have been publicized over the years and many “coilers” as his followers are known, have created applications for the Tesla coil to promote is feasibility.

Although there are no current practical applications this group is working on creating these generators for use by homeowners.  Plans are available on the internet and through many websites.  Persons seeking to remove themselves from the electric grid and begin generating their own power should research the plans and look into building a home Tesla generator for their personal use.

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Install A Tesla Generator To Reap Many Benefits

As technology improves, civilization has started to turn away from fossil fuels as an energy source. Some options include wind turbines, solar panels, and water dams to produce electricity. One invention made nearly a century ago could also be used: the Tesla generator. Tesla Generator ElectricsThis machine is clean, renewable, and can be used now as a cheap electricity source.

Energy is generated by this machine in a fairly simple manner. It takes in a low amount of electricity and then increases it exponentially. This can be very energy efficient. A simple household plug that powers it can be turned into enough energy to power the entire home.

People who want to have one of these machines in their own households have a choice. They can either buy one right off the internet, fully made and ready to use. If they want to try making one themselves, they can buy plans off the internet. The materials needed to build it are fairly inexpensive. Once the project is complete, it will start generating electricity and the home will start saving money.

Energy and the Tesla Generator

After the device is built, it can pretty much be place anywhere in the home. It’s small and compact and thus will not be very obvious and you will find that the home generator installation process is fairly straightforward. There is little repair work or maintenance needed for the machine. If one is going camping and needs some sort of electrical source, it can be brought along with them.

Many benefits come with installing a Tesla generator. Foremost is the fact that it saves on electrical bills. The electricity it generates can actually be sold to the electric companies for a fair profit. There are no toxins or radiation emitted from the machine. Unlike gas generators, it is very quiet. Compared to most alternative energy sources, this device is one of the cheapest publicly available.

Tax benefits of the Tesla Generator

There are even tax benefits to this Tesla electric generator, as a way to promote alternative energy sources. When the device is put into the home, the government allows the deduction to be applied to that year’s taxes. This only applies to the first one installed though. No additional deductions will be applied if a second electric generator is set up.

If a Tesla generator is installed into the home, the household can greatly benefit. By using a clean and renewable energy source, financial savings will obviously occur. Quiet and with no toxic side effects, this is one of the cheapest alternative energy sources available. Easy to make and use, this device can help make the world more oriented towards clean energy.

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Alternate Energy Options: Tesla Generator

Tesla electric generatorThe world is losing its oil. As a result, the cost of electricity is increasing. Scientists have been searching for other means of producing energy. Wind, water, and sun powered devices have been created, and are some of the most well known options. However, the Tesla generator is an option that few people know about. As a renewable and clean energy source, this one hundred year old creation can be utilized now to save money.

Tesla Generator Energy

Not many people know about the power of this machine. It takes in small amounts of energy and then converts it into large amounts of energy. For example, a home electrical outlet can be converted into megawatts of energy, much more than is needed to power the average home. This is highly efficient for most homes.

Personal homes can utilize this generator for themselves. It is inexpensive and fairly easy to build. Plans can be found on the internet to aid in the construction process. One can also purchase this machine on the internet if they do not wish to spend time building it themselves. Once it is built and running, one can instantly start saving on electricity.

After the machine is built, there is very little maintenance needed for it. It is small and compact. This makes it easy to place just about anywhere in the home and be inconspicuous. It can even be brought along on outdoor expeditions if needed.

Benefits of a Tesla generator

There are numerous benefits to having a Tesla generator. The most obvious is the fact that it can generate electricity on its own and help one save money. In fact, the electricity generated can be sold back to the power grid. It is fairly cheap and easy to build. There are no toxic emissions, no radiation, and it is a very quiet device. It is also the cheapest alternative energy source available to the average person.

An added benefit to installing this device is that there are tax benefits. The government will deduct the machine from your taxes if there is one in the home. They do this in order to encourage people to try to use alternative energy sources. However, having more than one will not gain additional deductions. Only the first one installed gains this benefit.

By making a Tesla generator for the home, each individual can benefit greatly. The electricity generated helps save a lot of money on electric bills. It is a clean and renewable resource, with no dangerous side effects. As one of the cheapest methods of alternative energy sources, this machine can help people turn towards different ways to produce energy.

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Tesla Generator Is An Alternative Electrical Energy Home Generator

Tesla Generator Electrical energyThe Tesla generator is a electrical energy device that consumers can use to produce free electricity. Did you know that even today most of our  energy is obtained from burning some type of fossil fuel such as oil or natural gas, but this process causes pollution and depletes fossil fuel reserves. There are several different sources that alternative energy comes from, including the wind, sunlight, water, magnets and radiant energy. These are considered to be renewable but they never the less require electric circuits, alternating currents and conventional transformers in order to function. Due to the high cost and pollution that occurs as a result of burning fossil fuels, there is an increasing demand for the research and development of new, more eco-friendly energy sources.

The Tesla generator as an alternative electrical energy source

In comparison to conventional sources of energy, alternative energy is much cleaner and results in lower carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, these energy sources also reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Wind is a great energy source because the wind is constantly creating air currents that can generate an enormous amount of energy for a voltage source. Turbines and windmills equipped with aerodynamic blades are placed in areas where there are high wind speeds to harvest the airflow in periodic bursts. Geothermal power is produced by heat that comes from the Earth. This heat is derived from molten magma in the Earth’s crust that creates hot spots. Water is pumped from these hot spots and used for heat and hot water for homes and commercial applications utilizing high voltage capacitors and inductive coupling. Water can be used in several ways to create power. The force of moving water generates kinetic energy that can be transformed into mechanical energy, and this is the concept behind dams and hydroelectricity. Even the crashing of ocean waves creates energy that is harvested through wave power and used for electrical energy. This method of creating electric power is clean, and it results in no greenhouse gas emissions.

Technical details of the Tesla Generator

During the late 1800s, Nikola Tesla, an inventor and engineer, was a pioneer in the field of radiant energy. He patented more than 300 devices including the Tesla coil, alternating current motor and various x-ray gadgets, wireless telegraphy. In the 1930s, he created a specially designed generator to create electrical energy. Based on the concept of radiant energy, the machine gathered electricity, or radiant energy, directly from the air. The original Tesla electric generator consisted of two metal plates, wires and a condenser. In simple terms, a metal plate and a condenser, which stores energy, were placed on the ground, and another plate was mounted in the air on a pole. Wires to carry an electrical charge connected all components of the generator, and when sunlight reached the top metal plate, it would absorb electrified particles. These electrified particles had a positive charge that traveled to the negatively charged condenser within inductors to create a continuous flow of energy.

Newer generators have a different technical design but are based on a similar concept. The Tesla home generator is a electrical energy device that consumers can use to produce free electricity. This electrical generator is designed to operate without adding any type of fuel, and it uses magnetism to create power. The Tesla generator is an option that home owners, who are looking for information on alternative energy home generators, ought to take very seriously.

Tesla Generator

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The Tesla Generator Debate

There are plenty of theories concerning the potential use for the Tesla generator. There are also plenty of theories that attempt to explain why these potential uses were never realized. Created over one hundred years ago by inventor Nikola Tesla, the Tesla electric generator has created quite a buzz in the field of electrical engineering as well as popular culture, myth, and legend, with his use of Alternating Currents, high voltage Capacitors, ray generation and wireless telegraphy. Some of the theories suggest that the energy industry together with the United States government conspired to disprove his claim that he could pull energy out of thin air. On the other side of the debate, some say he was a mad scientist who immersed himself in high frequency electric circuits and many different kinds of electrical energy and ultimately fell short of achieving the claims that he had suggested. It is very unlikely that this debate will be over any time soon.

Tesla Generator and Tesla Coil

Whichever side of the debate satisfies your imagination, there is no argument concerning the colorful history of this eccentric man. It is generally accepted that he did achieve great breakthroughs in the field of electrical engineering with his Tesla coil design and Tesla generator during his lifetime. Some of his work resulted in the X-ray, radio, spark plug for internal combustion engines, and remote-controlled vehicles. Other ideas hypothesized by Tesla were disregarded as useless or impossible. While these disregarded concepts were never realized in the physical form, many have been brought to life through fiction literature, film, and popular cultural legend and myth.

The idea that Tesla free energy is possible drives the conspiracy theories that the wealthy corporate and powerful world leaders have discredited Tesla’s ideas for their own personal gain. It is easy to say that the most powerful government on the planet and the wealthiest corporations on the planet have the resources to cover up the greatest invention in the history of civilization. Our imaginations allow us to believe that these great conspiracies are possible. The likelihood that they are true is a different story. Science and capitalism combined create a system that rewards achievements such as this. With global warming becoming the greatest threat to the human population, the Tesla generator is what the world needs most.

The Tesla Generator as solution to the global energy crisis

Nikola Tesla was able to transmit electricity freely in experiments and demonstrations but was unable to perfect the process so that it could be used for practical purposes. His Tesla electric generator has become more of a novelty for science museums and hobbyist, than a potential solution to the global energy crisis. In the modern word of wireless devices and satellite technologies, it is not inconceivable to collect and transmit free energy.

The issue is the same today as it was for Nikola; we have not designed a proper and useful infrastructure to manage the task. Until that happens, we are left to find other solutions that are available to us now as opposed to in theory and this is where the innovative homeowner comes into his own. Over the past few decades homeowners have been building their own electrical generators that use for their energy source either the sun or wind, geothermal or magnetic and now radiant energy. The Tesla generator is based upon the Tesla coil design and utilizes  radiant energy to generate electrical power.

Tesla Generator

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Tesla Generator Scam Or Success

Tesla Generator and Tesla Coil

Tesla generatorsFew individuals have the ability to leave a permanent footprint on history. Even rarer are those who change the world with their intellectual achievements by creating and delving into new exciting forms science. Nikola Tesla was one of the very first pioneers of electricity and electrical energy. He also did important work with electromagnetism and high frequency and high voltage capacitors, as well as founding the basics of the alternating current. Tesla’s most famous invention is the Tesla coil, which came into fruition in the year 1891. Another profound invention by the genius is the Tesla generator. However, this device is surrounded by much speculation as to its authenticity and actual abilities.

The generator, also known as a turbine, is supposed to supply essentially free electricity.  Basically, the fuel-less generator is maintained without an external fuel supply by acting as its own prime mover utilizing inductive coupling and secondary circuits. This thought defies conventional methods of thinking as well as known theories of perpetual motion. Tesla, however, was a man with a profoundly different way of thinking and observing the world. He was well known for being quite eccentric, and his radicalism fueled his ostracism from the scientific community late in his lifetime. His generator has the capability to fuel the world’s incessant need for energy without depleting any natural resources or harming the environment. This is accomplished by harnessing sources of energy widely unknown . Tesla was ahead of his time, and even the thinking of our current age with his Tesla Coil design and his alternating currents and his particular electric circuits. Depending on the source, Tesla free energy is either one of the greatest buried secrets of the twentieth century, or an elaborate scam.

Opponents of the Tesla Generator

Perhaps the biggest opponent to Tesla’s electric generator is Big Energy. Composed of several large corporations from two main sources, oil and electric, the knowledge of a free form of energy to supply the needs of the world would all but shut down current operations. This would be catastrophic for hundreds of thousands of employees who depend on their jobs to make a decent living. Many skeptics state that the generator is merely a scam. They site that the claims to “cut your energy bill in half” are not founded on actual science, and that the generator is a type of pseudoscience.

One thing that is for certain, the Tesla generator should be built and tested by more than one reputable source. Only when the machine is thoroughly examined can the decision be made as to whether it is an unknown miracle or a scam fueled by Tesla’s renowned name. It is hard to imagine the device not actually working, since Tesla contributed so much to our understanding of electricity. The Father of Alternating Current had over three hundred patents in his lifetime, many of which we still use on a daily basis. One thing that can be agreed upon is the general consensus that Tesla is the most under appreciated and vastly unrecognized founders of electricity and its counterparts.

Click Here For more information on the Tesla generator.

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The Marvels Of A Tesla Generator

tesla energy generatorThe Tesla generator has to be one of the most remarkable energy saving machines ever to hit the market.

With the cost of fuel as expensive as it is today, every homeowner can benefit from what this generator has to offer. Not only will a Tesla generator lower your power bills, you will also be contributing towards a “greener” environment by reducing the amount of oil, gas and coal you use for the heating of your home. This generator offers an alternative to burning fossil fuels for heating purposes while saving you money at the same time.

If you are not familiar with the concept behind the Tesla generators, now is a good time to learn. The main expense behind this particular home generator  is the initial cost of the items itself and what low maintenance costs required for the future. The technology incorporated into the Tesla energy generator allows homeowners to harness cosmic energy already in existence to produce sufficient energy for home use. From lights to electrical appliances, your Tesla electric generator can effectively supply the power you need from a renewable energy source that will never run dry.

Cost Effective Tesla Generator

The Tesla generator system is cost effective all the way around. While in use, your generator will continue to create additional energy for self-empowerment without the need of any outside source. In addition Tesla generators do not emit unhealthy fumes or chemicals into the air as fossil fuels do. Therefore, not only will you be saving money but you will be helping to clean up the environment as well. If everyone were to operate in this manner, our world would be a cleaner, safer place to live. Fossil fuels today are being eaten up at a very fast rate. Each person who does his or her part to cut back on the fossil fuels they use can make a difference in saving our natural resources.

Tesla Generators are safe to use

Tesla generators have proven to be effective and safe to use, requiring little maintenance or care. You can purchase the Tesla generator blueprints online along with all the necessary parts. If you have the skills and expertise for building equipment of this nature it should not take you long to complete your construction. Otherwise, you may want to acquire the services of someone with the knowledge and experience to show you how to build the Tesla generator. To help promote this alternative energy producing method, the federal government has offered a tax break to those homeowners who choose to use one of these generators in their home. This is a bonus you can use in your favor to offset the cost of setting up your new energy efficient system.

Because of the small, compact size of this generator, it will fit nicely in any area of your home. You can place it in a discreet corner or underneath a cabinet. It will go wherever you please. The lightweight construction also makes this item quite portable to move. It can be taken with you when you travel to use in an out of the way vacation spot or for camping expeditions. A Tesla generator is a versatile, multipurpose piece of equipment well worth buying for all your power needs.

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5 Reasons For Using A Tesla Generator

Tesla Generator free energy

The Tesla Generator Provides Free Energy

Have you ever wondered about Tesla generator or wanted more information about the Tesla free energy generators?  Information on these topics will be presented in the following article.

Nikola Tesla was an engineer and inventor.  He was born in Serbia in 1856, and he helped to develop AC, or alternating current, electrical power.  He also worked to develop the first wireless energy transfer as early as 1893.  He obtained about three hundred patents for his inventions during his lifetime, and most of his patents are for electrical devices.  In his later years, Tesla’s unusual behavior caused many people to think of him as a “mad scientist.”  He died penniless and alone on January 7, 1943.

One of Tesla’s best known inventions is the Tesla coil.  It is a transformer that produces high voltage, low current electricity that has a high frequency alternating current.  An electric discharge is given off, with visible plasma, which is blue in color.  Tesla’s magnifying transmitter was a high power version of a Tesla coil.  The inventor intended to build it to transmit electricity wirelessly.  A large tower needed to be built, which was to be fifty-one feet in diameter and more than a hundred feet tall.  The Wardenclyffe Tower project, as it was known, was started in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1899.  Due to the high cost of construction and maintenance, the project was never successfully finished.

Advantages of building Tesla Generators

There are many of advantages to building and installing a Tesla generator for home use. As an example,

    • There are no fuels to purchase and no meter to set up.
      • Additionally, the Tesla Energy Generator may cost below $100 dollars to construct. You can get all you need at the local home improvement store, and the generator is surprisingly easy to construct and the Tesla generator blueprints are really simple to follow.
      • The Tesla energy generator is extremely safe and environmentally friendly. It doesn’t make any gases or hazardous substances.
      • Not only that, but the Tesla generator will work in any type of weather conditions. When you use  solar and wind power, the weather conditions must cooperate for your electrical generator to function, but Tesla generators constantly generate power.

The Tesla Generator is not only a revolutionary piece of machinery but is an awesome method to obtain free power for your home or office.

Tesla Generator

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The Tesla Generator Was Designed By Nikola Tesla

The Tesla Generator

Nikola Tesla Working in his lab on the generator

The Tesla Generator was a device created by noted inventor Nikola Tesla. Invented shortly after the Tesla coil, which is widely recognized, his generator was neither commercialized nor even introduced to the public. It was just one among his electric innovations using high voltage capacitors, and may be just what our new energy-conscious society needs.

The Tesla Generator one of many designs

Tesla was concerned primarily with electric current and electrical circuits and the way he could improve upon the accepted design of the Tesla electric generator. He was responsible for creating the alternating current design we use today. He is the one that invented the generator, motor, and medium voltage transformer that still provide power to most of the electricity users on the planet. They are inventions that have been in use for over one hundred years.

About ten years after he created the alternating current design, Tesla decided he wanted to take a new look into something he had thought of in college. According to Nikola Tesla free energy was something that should have been possible, instead of impossible as he had been taught. Free energy, for those not in the know, is simply the creation of energy without the consumption of fuel. Even then, Tesla recognized the inherent problems with his Tesla ac design, and wanted to fix them and make his Tesla Generator available  for future generations.

Despite his college professor’s assertion that a machine that created energy without consuming fuel would be a perpetual motion machine, and as such, impossible, Tesla set out to build his invention. It should be said that the same arguments were used against him when he created the electrical generator that is still being used. Essentially, Tesla wanted to harness the power of the sun for his electricity-making device. He had visions of being able to light whole cities with just one Tesla high frequency generating machine.

How the Tesla Generator worked 100 years ago

In spite of everything, Tesla did create his device. Tesla’s electric generator ran off of heat that was a result of the motion of the machine, therefore making it capable of running without an outside fuel source. So why are we not using it today and preserving our resources? Economics interfered, as they often do. It was brought to Tesla’s attention, and maybe not in a courteous way, that large companies like General Electric would go bankrupt if his invention were to be released to the public.

The Tesla Generator is something we should be working toward. The ability to create self-sustaining energy has been desperately needed for a long time, and there is no reason we should not be looking back at this most unique inventor’s ideas. If you download the Tesla generator blueprints online then you can begin to make huge savings on your electric usage.

Tesla Generator

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