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The Tesla Secret Generator is actually the alternative energy device known as the Tesla Free Energy Generator.

Nikola Tesla Secret Journals

The tale of the Tesla Secret Journals is one that has been garnished and elaborated upon until it has now become legend.

Tesla Secret journals

Nikola Tesla Hotel Room

Here is a sample of the Tesla Secret Journal Tale (is it fact or fiction?)

Nikola Tesla was an electrical engineer, mechanical engineer and an extremely talented inventor. He was most known for his contributions in the development of commercial electricity, but he made the most progress in the field of electromagnetism.

Tesla received patents on alternating current electric power (AC), and around 1893 Tesla produced wireless energy transfer, which was used to give power to electronic devices. Thomas Edison and many other inventors have been mistakenly credited for many inventions that were really made by Tesla. There are so many other inventions that he made or had drawn blueprints for, it is impossible to name them all. Tesla was certainly a genius in his time and we still use some of his technology today but, even though Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man, many people did not pay much attention to him because of his bizarre behavior and fanatical claims of alien activity.

The Secret Journals of Nikola Tesla..

When Tesla was an adult, he had many financial problems and this caused him to move around a lot. When he moved from each hotel, he would leave a big box of his documents, to clear his debts and after his death, these highly sought after documents finally helped us to understand the secret of Tesla Nikola. The day he died, the United States government went on a mission to find every document that existed, but fortunately, a man named Dale Alfrey bought some boxes for twenty-five dollars at an estate sale, without knowing what he had just purchased. Alfrey put away the boxes for twenty years in his basement, and when he finally had opened the boxes, the papers had mildewed and some ink was washed off some of the papers, but when he found some journals that were readable, he could not believe what he was seeing, these were the Tesla secret journals.

Contents of Tesla’s Secret Journals

One of the secret journals explained that while Tesla was in Colorado Springs in 1899, he wrote about the extraterrestrial beings that were controlling humankind secretly, and how he intercepted the communications. These journals also contain many years of researching and interpreting odd radio signals. Inside of the journals that Dale Alfrey possessed, Tesla had found that our planets temperature is increasing slowly due to global warming most likely, because of extraterrestrial interference and natural causes. His alien obsession escalated to his building and planning of wingless torpedoes and death rays, which had the ability to fly without Jets or propellers. Another genius project that Tesla was working on is what we know today as the greenhouse effect, he was the first person to understand what would happen if the greenhouse effect was to take place on our planet so, he created energy for free by using other materials besides fossil fuels or burning wood. With each discovery that he made he sent letters out to everyone including the government, and all of his letters and ideas were laughed at or ignored.

The Tesla Secret Generator

Nikola Tesla secret generator is yet another brilliantly amazing discovery and is probably what he is best known for. The secret generator is a device that can be used for home energy by generating electricity. Some people still use this type of generator in their homes today and many blueprints showing the instructions on how to build a Tesla secret generator can be found almost anywhere on the Internet. It is not expensive to buy the necessary materials and it also very easy to construct. The generator can withstand any weather, runs silently, and can be used in any temperature or climate unlike wind power and solar panels that are dependent upon weather conditions. So this is just one example of the NIkola Tesla Secrets that have been uncovered.

Tesla’s inventions were created well before their time; he is probably one of the most brilliant people that have ever lived. It would be wonderful if the government would only release the rest of his secret files so that we could solve the mystery of the genius Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Secret

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Tesla Secret Discoveries | Tesla Secrets

The Tesla Secret discoveries were many

Tesla Secret Radiant EnergyNikola Tesla continues to develop  the technology for his Tesla Secret Generator throughout 1899 and the early 1900′s in Colorado Springs. He is able to produce astonishingly high voltages and currents and when the switch is thrown ghostly sparks dance inside the lab while on the copper ball on top of the antenna thick blue lightning crackles upwards 100 feet into the sky and thunder claps are heard over 15 miles away.

It is one of the great inventor Nikola Tesla’s crowning achievements man made lightning .

Here in his lab he had a 56 kilo-volt  ampere Westinghouse transformer which George Westinghouse gave to him.

Through the amplification of this transformer into his magnifying transmitter he was able to actually blow up some of the generators in  the Colorado Springs electrical plant which was about 25 miles away.

At first it was thought that he generated  or used so much power from the utility company that it burned out a couple of the generators. Since then, however  there has been some conjecture that actually he was picking up more energy from the surrounding air at that high altitude and it was feeding back into the generator – and you cannot feed electrical energy back into a generator and that is what blew them out. They wouldn’t sell him any more power until his assistant went down and helped to repair the generators. Continue reading

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