Tesla Magnifying Transmitter

magnifying transmitter

Photograph of a model showing how the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Tower would have looked.

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. He invented many diverse uses for electricity. Some inventions were far ahead of his time and remained only as patented designs until long after his death this includes the Tesla Generator. One of the most famous designs was for a magnifying transmitter. Tesla intended this device to be a tower from which you could send power wirelessly to another location.

Magnifying Transmitter Concept

In the 1890’s, Tesla first imagined the concepts behind his magnifying transmitter. These ideas were spurred to fruition when he took refuge from a passing thunderstorm during a walk in the mountains. He noticed how rain threatened from the heavy clouds but did not fall until lightning flashes ensued. Then the rain fell copiously. He understood that there was a connection between the electrical outburst and the resulting rainfall. The electrical discharge in the form of lightning, he realized, acted as a trigger to cause the rainfall. Tesla imagined that humans could control rainfall around the world and transform blighted lands into gardens if they could just properly harness electrical discharges.

Development of the magnifying transmitter

In the following years, Tesla sought to increase the maximum amount of voltage that he could generate in order to someday produce the amount of power he had seen in the thunderstorm’s lightning bolts. The following year he managed to achieve tensions of more than one million volts in his laboratory. His progress was delayed by a fire that destroyed his equipment in 1895, but by the end of the decade he was producing four million volts.

The Magnifying Transmitter required a tower of certain proportions. In the years before World War One, Tesla built a tower 187 feet tall on Long island. This tower was topped with a circular terminal that was 68 feet in diameter. He reported success with the experiments he conducted in his magnifying transmitter tower. However, the tower was destroyed when war broke out in Europe.

We must remember that of the inventions by Nikola Tesla the one that is being used in home today if only on a small scale is the Tesla Generator.

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Tesla Generator Review

Free Energy For All Humanity Was Tesla’s Dream.

tesla generator

Tesla Generator - Teslas Field of Lights (from the film Prestige)

Nikola Tesla is the Grandfather of Electricity – He discovered it – He made it safe for us all to use.

Tesla wanted every single person on this planet to be able to make their own electricity. He did not think it right that the big energy companies made money from something that was freely available.

Now remember… this was all happening way back, at the turn of the 20th century.  When Nikola Tesla died  in 1943 the US Government seized every single one of his papers.

This knowledge had remained hidden and  kept secret for all these years.

Why did they do this?  Why suppress this knowledge?

They did it for MONEY… the newly formed Energy Corporations did not like the idea of people being able to generate their own electricity. They wanted to charge you for it. We all know that the Energy Companies have been making vast amounts of money charging everybody for using electricity.

But the TRUTH has now been told as the archives  have been opened to public scrutiny.

This technology is ground-breaking. It’s life-changing and is an effective way to produce natural, clean energy.

Tesla generator gives free energy

Free Energy means:

  • You do not have to pay the energy companies for your electricity!
  • You do not need to use expensive solar panels, wind power or batteries!
  • You do not need to spend thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars to get the Tesla Generator set up and running!

Tesla Generator Provides Clean Energy:

  • There are No Emissions
  • There are No Fumes
  • There are No pollutants at all

The Tesla Generator is a simple system that can easily produce FREE electricity!
There is such a vast resource of natural energy in the atmosphere that surrounds us …  all that you need in order to be able to harness this energy is the right device and then you can convert it into usable kilowatts.
You will discover precisely how to build a Tesla generator using these blueprints. This generator will allow you to tap into the earth’s natural energy and use it to help power your home.

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Tesla Generator Compared Alternative Energy

alternative energy sourcesAlternative energy sources hold much promise for enhancing the Earth’s environment by eliminating toxic emissions associated with traditional energy generation. They also help conserve scarce natural resources by utilizing inexhaustible energy supplies. In this post I am comparing the Tesla Generator with these various renewable energy systems to see which are more energy efficient.

Following are some specific forms of such alternative resources and their relative advantages.

Tesla generator compared

Converting your residence into an alternative energy home with a Tesla generator is an exceptionally cost-efficient, eco-friendly option. Tesla generators circumvent all drawbacks of other alternative resources.

Costing less than $100 USD to build, these handy compact devices generate up to 4.5 megawatts of power. This is sufficient to provide continuous current to power an entire alternative energy home with excess electricity to spare. Continue reading

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Tesla Free Energy Yields Top Efficiency Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow!

Consistent with the growing “Green” trend, Tesla free energy is becoming increasingly popular. Electrical power has had an irrefutably Tesla Free Energypositive impact on overall quality of life.  It is also expensive and a colossal environmental menace.

Nikola Tesla solved this dilemma decades ago. Knowledge of every Tesla free energy device is vigilantly suppressed, however. The sad fact is that powerful concerns with conflicting pecuniary interests do not want widespread, direct access to power by individuals.

What is Tesla Free Energy?

“Free energy” denotes power that is capable of being extracted directly from the surrounding atmosphere. While intuitively appealing, the concept is also the subject of much debate. Scientists have hotly debated its true cost efficiency, supply sufficiency, and very existence for decades.

How Tesla Free Energy Came About

Upon his 1884 arrival in America, Thomas Edison initially employed Tesla. Divergent philosophies about ideal scientific methodologies ultimately caused the demise of that alliance, however.

Not long after, Tesla set up his own lab at 35 South 5th Avenue, New York. This enabled his enjoyment of total intellectual freedom and scientific license. During his tenure there, Tesla experimented with X-rays, a carbon button lamp design, and alternative lighting and electrical sources. Continue reading

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Tesla Generator Revolution

Talking About A Tesla Generator Revolution
tesla generatorNikola Tesla was an engineer and inventor who was every bit as brilliant as his rival, Thomas Edison. He was instrumental in the advent of commercially available electricity, and his contributions to the field of electromagnetism around the turn of the twentieth century were legitimately revolutionary. The work he did to help develop the alternating current, or AC form of electricity is credited with giving rise to the second industrial revolution.

Truly a man ahead of his time, Tesla was responsible for making some claims about the possibilities of energy and energy transmission that seemed impossible during his lifetime, but have been proven to be valid today. Continue reading

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Harnessing The Power Of Tesla Free Energy

Tesla Free Energy

Known by his admirers as the man out of time, Nikola Tesla was certainly ahead of his time. Through the invention of his Tesla Generator, he sought to deliver free and unlimited energy to the entire world. The details of his inventions have been wrapped in secrecy and were the fodder Tesla Free Energyof conspiracy theories and wild speculations until recent years. However, new discoveries have led to the revelation of the secrets of his most prized inventions being available to humanity for the first time. Blueprints and instructions for the Tesla Free Energy Generator have been leaked and are available to anyone willing to spend the time and energy to build this revolutionary device.

The secrets of Tesla free energy and the steps that need to be taken to harness this power have been suppressed for generations by the powers that benefit from the reliance of the world and its citizens on fossils fuels. What has become known as Big Oil and elements of the military industrial complex in collusion with power companies have kept this knowledge of Nikola Tesla free energy from being understood and shared by the masses of men until very recently. Technological advances in communication have liberated this long sought after information and the world will soon be transformed by the distribution of this knowledge and the energy it will create. No longer will the common person be enslaved by those who sell power for profit with little concern for their impact on the environment and the inevitable plight of future generations who will inherit a world depleted of fossil fuels.

Secrets of Tesla free energy Continue reading

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Practical Guide To Free Energy Machines

Free Energy Machines

This practical guide to free energy devices will explain what free energy machines are and how they work. The science behind creating a free free energy machinesenergy machine has been around for thousands of years. However, since the industrial revolution, much of the free energy technology fell by the wayside in favor of technology that focused on machines that ran on coal or oil. However, in spite of this overwhelming preference for these types of machines over the last century, some people in the last hundred years have still worked to add to the body of knowledge about free energy. In particular, many scientists have focused a lot of effort on exploring magnetic free energy.

Essentially, free energy is energy that can be drawn directly from the environment. Many people are so reliant on fossil fuels for energy that they doubt the very concept of free energy or the very existence of free energy machines. However, they do exist, and people can learn to use them. Because this energy is free, it is abundantly available, and people only need to learn how to harness it. A practical guide to free energy devices can show consumers how to build their own free energy machine. In addition, it can also show them how to create a free energy magnet and explain how to use magnet free energy.

When scientists talk about free energy they are referring to energy that can be drawn from a zero point field. This alternative form of energy has been known about since 1913 when it was studied by Otto Stern and Albert Einstein. It is also referred to as vacuum energy. Basically when scientists refer to zero point energy they are referring to energy that would remain in effect even if the entire universe was cooled down to a frosty absolute zero. However, this concept is really only relevant for quantum physicists. These scientists are working on how to explore these concepts to bring this alternative energy source to everyone. One of the most innovative solutions that scientists currently have to the present energy crisis are free energy machines and the Tesla Machine is just one of these.

Free Energy Machines For Your Home Continue reading

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Tesla Fuelless Generator And Smart Home Energy Generation Systems

Tesla fuelless generator is creating a stir…

Today it is easy to take the energy that we use every day for granted. Do you ever stop and consider where your electricity actually comes from?

tesla fuelless generatorIn the morning when you turn on your coffee machine for your first cup of coffee or quickly turn some hash browns for the kids breakfast on the stove. Take a moment to trace the electricity from your plug on the wall. From the wiring in your home it goes out to the electricity supply network consisting of miles and miles of wires and pylons back to the electric power plants.

Be honest with yourself – we do, on the whole, take it all for granted.

Long gone are the days when the only source of power was the coal from the mines or oil from the depths of the earth. Today the electricity that comes to us via the grid has multiple sources. We have brown coal, black coal, nuclear energy, gas, hydro-power, wind power (both offshore and onshore) Biomass, solar energy, magnetic and radiant energy from the Tesla fuelless generator.

The raw cost of each of these is only part of the true picture. Most of these forms of power also require backup systems. For those times when, for example, the power coming from wind energy drops during windless periods, and also to meet peak demand periods. The distribution and connection networks are hugely expensive also. All of this cost is being passed on to you as the consumer.

It is because of the increasing cost of electricity that there has been a move by homeowners, and forward looking businesses, to find alternative ways to produce and generate their electricity. There is absolutely no doubt now that converting your home to alternative energy is a very effective way to reduce your energy bills. We see the use of wind turbines and solar power panel systems becoming far more common place than say thirty years ago.

Acceptance of the Nikola Tesla fuelless generator Continue reading

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Tesla Power Generation Systems

Since the ‘70s, the increasing costs of oil prompted many people to look for other energy sources that are free, cheap, and just as effective. Tesla Power GenerationScientists have toiled away trying to create free power and now have come up with the Tesla power generation system, which provides free power. Nowadays, you will find a range of systems that will help you generate free electricity that you can use to power your house. You can come up with various systems that can take energy from natural sources like the wind or sun. You can also find magnetic generators that are proven to generate energy independently. However, using a Tesla power generator is growing in popularity.

Tesla Power Generation System Continue reading

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Free Energy Devices Moving Into The Future

In the last couple of years, eco-friendly Americans have shown considerable interest in free energy devices. These electrical generators Free Energy Devicesuse capacitive discharge ignition mechanism to produce power. Unlike their fuel-powered counterparts, Teslas free energy devices produce capacitor discharge current, which could effectively replace your electricity grid system. This green form of energy may play a crucial role in energy efficiency envisaged by the year 2020 and beyond.

A recent study by Brattle Group economists, estimates that National Electric Consumption in the US might decline by five to 15 Percent by 2020. This case might have been different if there were no concerted efforts to improve energy efficiency by relevant authorities. The European Union has also set a target of 20 percent reduction of energy consumption by the year 2020. Despite these positive steps towards efficient use of energy, lobbyists have been relentlessly frustrating research into Teslas free energy devices for a long time. Major beneficiaries of the billion dollar US energy sector seem reluctant to accept their dwindling prospects for the future.

The impact of free energy devices Continue reading

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Nikola Tesla Tells Of His Student Days

I came across this fascinating gem of information recounted by Nikola Tesla of his student days in Prague. I unearthed it from a magazine that was written back in 1905.

Nikola Tesla Tale

It is titled: Training The Faculties

Nikola Tesla’s student days in Prague

Nikola Tesla was talking about his student days at Prague. “I remember well at Prague,” he said, “an old professor of great originality and acumen. This professor insisted on the value of a free use of the perceptive faculties, and he was always pointing out the need for this use in strange ways.

“One day, on arising to lecture, he began: “Gentlemen, you do not use your faculties of observation as you should.”

“He laid on the table before him a pot, filled with some vile-smelling chemical compound – a thick, brown stuff.

“When I was a student,” he went on, “I did not fear to use my sense of taste.”

“He dipped his finger deep into the pot and then stuck the finger in his mouth.

“Taste it, gentlemen. Taste it,” he said, smiling grimly.

“The evil pot passed round the class, and one after another we dipped our fingers in it and then sucked them clean. The taste of the thick brown compound was horrible. We made wry faces and spluttered. The professor watched us with a grim smile.

“When the pot was finally returned to him, his thin lips parted, and he gave a dry chuckle.

“I must repeat gentlemen.” he said, “that you do not use your faculties of observation. If you  had looked more closely at me you would have observed that the finger I put in my mouth was not the one I dipped into the pot.”

Watch for more interesting articles about Nikola Tesla.

Tesla Generator

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Tesla Working in His New York Laboratory

tesla new york

5th Avenue New York in 1900

Towards the end of the 1890’s Nikola Tesla was the controlling engineer of the Niagara Power Company and at the same time consulting engineer to other corporations that were interested in the supply and delivery of electricity.

When he was not working on these projects Tesla was in his laboratory at 35 South 5th Avenue, New York.  Tesla had about 15 men working for him most days on electrical experiments under his personal direction.
Tesla worked just as hard as his men and used his small office with a roll-top desk and a small rug only when talking to visitors.
Tesla was constantly striving to reduce the waste that he saw in the production of electricity and to discover new ways of generating free electricity without the use of wires for all to use.

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Tesla Wireless Power Innovation Of Free Energy

Tesla wireless power

Nikola Tesla is a gigantic figure in the story of human technological development, especially in regards to the possibilities of Tesla wireless power and free energy. This man was responsible for many of the technological applications that people use every day in advanced countries. According to some, he was responsible for innovations of which the industries of today still cannot make use. He was far ahead of the thinkers of his time and remains far ahead of many scientists today.

The emergence of Tesla Wireless Power

One example of how Tesla leaped far ahead of his fellow innovators in the late 19th century involves the development of Tesla wireless power. In 1891, when electricity itself was a new phenomenon for most people and was, in fact, rarely if at all used in everyday life, this inventor made significant improvements to the Hertz-wave RF power supply, developing a wireless transmitter of free energy. In 1893, Nikola Tesla wireless electricity became a worldwide sensation when he illuminated phosphorescent lamps with wireless power at an exposition in Chicago. This was practically a century before people became accustomed to opening their car doors with remote control devices. The TV had not even been invented, so the idea of a remote control for that device was unthinkable. Continue reading

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Let’s Act Before Fossil Fuels Run Out Entirely!

The energy we utilize is composed nearly entirely of non-renewable fossil fuels such as coal, gas and crude oil. Once we consume all of these fossil fuels, that will be it. There will be no more. We have been consuming them for so many years, and in such big quantities, you would never even realize that there are only small amounts left. Their affordability merged with their easy handling and storage is what has enabled us to take them for granted for a lot of years. The fact that they’re so easily transferred only adds to their appeal.

Natural, renewable resources would evidently be a better choice, but they come with their own issues. Their strongest selling point is that they will never run out. However fast we utilize them, or even how wastefully, we know one thing for sure – they will not run out, ever. By allowing this to take place with the use of new sources of energy, the future generations will have a chance to live better than this one. To realize this, there needs to be a sufficient output from these types of resources to be used for power. When the car was invented, gasoline was chosen as the source of power, so why couldn’t something be used as well.

For this to occur, there has to be much information collected and evaluated on the technology, and its advancement. Each and every breakthrough and innovation provides a new and better opportunity for change to something better than what we have right now. No one debates that, in the long term, natural, renewable resources beat the tar out of fossil fuels. The planet has been damaged for many years now, with the consumption of fossil fuels, including coal and petroleum. It appears to be a no-brainer – switch to renewable resources, be less reliant on non-renewable sources from other countries, and have healthier air for generations to come.

These energy sources are thought to be impractical by a lot of people, depending on the type chosen. The energy can’t always be gathered from the sun, because the sun doesn’t always shine. They argue that some places on earth get no direct sunlight for days or weeks at a time. When this happens, the energy coming from the sun cannot be gathered. They make the same statements against utilizing water and wind power. Although the wind will vary, and not be able to be predicted, there is nevertheless no reason that it can’t be utilized, in a significant way, to provide power.

What they fail to remember is that we’ll have all the fossil fuel we’ve collected on windy days to utilize when the wind briefly dies. With this strategy, there won’t ever be a time when there isn’t adequate energy. This is a lot better than merely sitting back and waiting for our energy supply to be exhausted.

renewable energy

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Should We Do Something Before Fossil Fuels Run Completely Out!

Virtually all of the energy we use is made up of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and natural gas. Once these fuels are exhausted, they will be gone, and won’t come back. We have been utilizing them for so long, and in such great quantities, you would never even realize that there are only small amounts left. They’ve been so popular chiefly because of how easy they are to store and how apparently cheap they’ve been, up to now. They can also be easily transferred from one place to another, when required.

To change over to natural, renewable resources we should make specific accomodations. Their biggest selling point is that they are going to not be completely exhausted. However much we draw upon them, the environment will flourish and there will be many other benefits for us and our kids. By allowing this to take place with the use of new fuel sources, succeeding generations will have a chance to live better than this one. What we need is products that can utilize the energy derived from these renewable energy sources. It’s mere happenstance that we rely on gas to run our cars; it just happened to be the most effective fuel available at the time, and we’ve never changed.

To make this change, automobile companies will demand all sorts of research and technological advancements before they move. Change is hard to come by, so we should endeavor for technological solutions if we want better energy sources. No one argues that, in the long term, natural, renewable sources of energy beat the tar out of fossil fuels. We’ve been ruining our planet for so many years now, what with our dependence on gas, coal and other fossil fuels. It seems like a no-brainer – make the change to renewable sources of energy, be less reliant on non-renewable energy sources from other nations, and have healthier air for generations to come.

These sources of energy are considered to be impractical by most people, depending on the type chosen. They don’t want to use the sun, the most powerful source of energy in the solar system, as it doesn’t shine daily, night and day. The fact that clouds can block the sun vexes them a lot. It’s true. When it’s overcast we are limited as to how much energy we can pull in from the sun. Water and wind resources are challenged on similar causes. What they overlook is that the wind, for example, varies, but that doesn’t mean we have to rule it out totally as a great energy resource.

Yes, there might be times when the power received is not adequate; in those times, fossil fuels can be used as backups. This approach is as close as we’ll get in the foreseeable future to being able to not worry about running out of energy. There’s no point in simply sitting around and waiting for the lights to go out.



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Tesla Energy Generator And Commercial Electricity

Nikola Tesla was a famous inventor of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century whose last important invention may have been the Tesla energy generatorTesla energy generator. His inventions and theories spurred the development of commercial electricity. However, he also made many revolutionary claims about harnessing universal powers that would provide humans with free  and abundant energy.

Significance of Tesla Energy Generator

The Tesla power generator has remained cloaked in secrecy since Nikola Tesla’s death in 1943. After inventing the alternating current, which is the primary form of electrical transmission still in use today, Tesla wanted to make electricity available cheaply to all people. At the time he lived, there were billions of people without any type of electrical power to ease the otherwise difficult conditions of their lives. His writings indicate that he had created devices that harnessed the abundant energy of the universe, such as that found in cosmic rays, to power devices that could produce energy without any need to burn fuels such as oil or coal.

Mystery surrounds the Tesla energy generator

This fuelless generator generated little more than cynicism at the time when Tesla discussed its plans. His remarks about it still remain among his writings. He claimed to have found a way to generate electricity by placing one metal plate high in the air and another metal plate in the ground. He connected the two plates with wires that connected to a capacitor. His writings state that this arrangement generated electricity without having to add any additional energy to the system.

This Tesla energy generator sounds deceptively like a perpetual motion machine. This has caused many to spurn any further investigation into Tesla’s claims because such a machine defies the laws of physics. However, close reading of Tesla’s writings shows that the inventor never thought of it that way. Instead, he seems to have felt that he was tapping into an abundant source of ambient energy in the universe.

Tesla  Energy Generator

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Preserving the Environment through Living More Energy Efficiently

 Something we should all be concerned with is the importance of leading a more energy efficient and green lifestyle. It is important for future generations to make our earth a better place. Any damage we do now to our planet, will cause a lot more problems for our children, and their kids. All people can work to make the world a more pleasant place to live, even the seniors and children. There has been more information on this matter in the past ten years, than anytime before. A lot of organizations have gotten involved; not simply the government and the EPA, but others, too, such as the Girl and Boy Scouts, and many more.

Also, every year sees more and more famous folks lending their time and effort to the cause, such as musicians and actors making public service announcements. Businesses pay attention to these types of things, and respond with safer, more eco-friendly products. The manufacturers who don’t listen can be dealt with by merely not using their services or products. When their earning starts decreasing, they’ll perk up their ears and join the cause, even if with reluctance. All business enterprises exist exclusively to make a profit. If they produce products that are damaging to the environment, people will refuse to purchase them and they’ll have to change or fold. When we work together, we buyers have a lot more power then we think. When it involves the environment, the people can actually foster quick changes in the way certain manufacturers manage their business.

Recycling is another area where common people can make a great difference. Every day, we throw out more stuff than you can even conceive of. Just one garbage bag a day per family over the course of a year is enough to create its own landfill. One of the first things to do is to take out all recyclables, such as paper, glass and plastic from our regular trash. As soon as you begin doing it, you will be surprised how much you can separate out that can be recycled. It is actually not hard to do when you have bins for every product to recycle. Just make sure you put the containers in an accessible location, like your backyard or garage, so you’ll remember daily.

Your usage of paper products could be reduced very simply. Why use paper napkins when cloth napkins may be washed and used over and over again? You can greatly lessen the amount of paper you consume by just using both sides. Try to use the backs for scratch paper, if nothing else. You can even put together your own notepads by cutting paper you don’t need into small pieces. These will make for fantastic grocery lists or notepads for phone messages and other family notes. Also ridding of unnecessary mail will reduce the amount of paper you use.

The key here is to just view living green as minimizing all the things you just waste anyway. You don’t need to have a hybrid auto to start living green, or heat your home with solar panels. Do little things that are common sense ways to live green.


Your one-stop source for alternative and free energy information

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Tesla Energy With The Innovative Generator

The state of the world today is that oil is decreasing. As a result, electricity prices are increasing and humans are now looking for other ways Tesla energyto create energy. Even so, solutions to cure the world’s current energy crisis have existed for over a century. One individual who set out to find a source for abundant energy was named Nikola Tesla and he created the Tesla energy generator.

History of Tesla Energy

The Croatian-born innovator arrived in the U.S. to start developing his inventions. Tesla started to build his invention that made it likely for anyone to use electricity in his or her homes more efficiently. Tesla studied the way that energy could be transmitted by wireless transmission  and how solar power was used. According to his beliefs, the sun nourished the planet and the answer to the world’s dependence on energy lied in solar power.

Machines powered by the sun, water, and wind have been produced on a mass scale but Tesla energy is an innovation that is not known well. It is a renewable energy source at least a hundred years old that is now being used to conserve the environment and save money.

The power in this device lies in its ability to take in meager amounts of energy and transform it into significant amounts of energy. The energy can exceed the normal amount for a typical home, which makes the Tesla generator very effective. Apart from the fact that most homes can use this generator, it is also very affordable and simple to build. The building process can be aided by guides available on the Internet. One can also buy this device online if they do not want to build it themselves, after the generator is built and going, the homeowner can immediately start saving on their electricity bills.

Tesla energy generator

The Tesla energy generator also does not require much maintenance either in part because it is compact. This makes it easier to put it in just about any area in the home without it drawing too much attention. You can even carry it along to outdoor excursions if necessary.

Having a Tesla generator comes with many benefits. The most apparent one is that it can create electricity by itself and that it reduces electricity costs. It is very affordable, simple to build, and emits no radiation, toxic fumes, or excessive noises. Additionally, it is the most affordable alternative energy device available to the typical person.

Another advantage to installing this tool has to do with tax benefits. The government will lower your taxes by deducting the generator if you can prove you have one in your home. They do this so they can persuade people to take up alternative energy devices. However, owning more than generator will not help you get extra deductions. Only the first device that is set up will get the benefit.

By putting a Tesla energy generator into a living area, the people around will benefit a great deal. The electricity created will help the bill payer save a lot of money on electricity. Not only that but a generator is a clean, renewable source that has no harmful side effects. It is one of the most affordable ways to save energy and can help people move towards producing energy in smarter ways. The Tesla energy system is suitable for all households, businesses and institutions

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Free Energy Has Universal Appeal

For most folks, the existence of a wide array of free energy sources is a little-known fact. Despite their relative obscurity and invisibility free energyto the naked eye, numerous Free energy devices abound throughout the Earth’s natural atmosphere and environment. In recent times, public interest in Mother Nature’s generous provision of no-cost power has grown.

Increasing concerns about natural resource conservation and environmental preservation have been the main factors that fuel the fires of the contemporary “Green” movement. Global warming, a disappearing Ozone layer, and crude oil depletion have become common knowledge.

Free Energy is nothing new

Alternative energy generation might seem to be of relatively recent origin. In fact, the quest for a practical, efficient Free energy generator has a history that has been ongoing for more than a century. Its origins are traceable all the way back to 1848.

In that fateful year, a young scientist named Nikola Tesla took employment with famous inventor Thomas Edison. Although the alliance soon dissolved, Tesla persisted was determined to develop a Free energy generator. Such devices are designed to derive and emit electrical current directly from natural sources.

Persistence Pays

Tesla’s persistence paid off. In the late 1800s, he devised an ingenious method for the alternative application of long-known physical laws to create a Free energy generator that produced electricity from through thin air! Dubbed the “Tesla fuelless generator,” the apparatus portended the start of many bigger and better things to come. An entire array of additional Tesla free energy innovations have since made debuts.

Giving Credit Where Due

Many Tesla free energy innovations still exist and are standard incidents of modern-day life. These include microwave ovens, radiant heating systems, remote control units, gas-powered cooking grills, wireless telephones, and many other devices we now take for granted. Without Tesla’s persistence and courage, society might have been permanently deprived of the benefits of these devices.

Conflicting Interests

Although such implements indisputably offer contemporary consumers many advantages, a major obstacle remains unconquered: widely available free electricity.

For whatever reason, Fate ordained that the discovery of Tesla free energy would coincide with the advent of conventional electricity generation.

Powerful commercial interests naturally sought to suppress and conceal Tesla free energy devices from pubic view and widespread awareness. Consequently, the international community now relies upon conventional kilowatt-based current to keep infrastructural wheels turning and industrial lights burning.

Dawning of a New Day

Fortunately, society has made a full circle and turned the corner into today’s Information Age. The advent of the internet has had an irrefutable and indisputable impact on information dissemination and empirical calculation capability.

The text and other data conveyed across Cyberspace convey a clear message of major import for the future of free energy. In the context of alternative energy sources, “urgency” and “innovation” serve as its fundamental messages.

Whether or not we like to admit it, human beings really have no other option except the development, implementation, and utilizing of free energy devices as replacements for conventional electrical current and petroleum-derived power.

Universal Appeal of Free  Energy

The three main advantages of a Tesla free energy generator are :

1) such devices do not consume scarce natural resources

2) free energy generation emits no environmental pollutants

3) inexhaustible supply of potential energy

Free energy entails extracting operational power for various mechanical implements directly from our immediate natural environs. Sunlight, flowing water, and wind constitute the most common sources from which needed power originates. Thus, the current renaissance of revived interest in Tesla free energy is totally justified. Find out for yourself how to help free the world of environmental pollution, individual occurrence of needless exorbitant expense, and precious resource depletion.

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There Is More Than One Way To Get Started On Living Green

Though the big things are important when it comes to green living, you will further find that you can do a lot of small things that can also make a huge difference. Basically, there are simple things that you can start doing today to start living with free energy. You will discover that not only will you be feeling great about yourself by helping the earth but you will also have nothing to lose by doing it. Although you will discover that water is important, you may want to think about buying a water cooler instead of the individual bottles.

You can likewise buy yourself recyclable bottles that you can fill up with water. You will be able to purchase containers in various sizes and colors, which is fantastic for color coding bottles for the home. Doing this will not merely save you money, but it will also decrease the amount of plastic tossed into the environment. If however you decide that you still want to buy water by the case, be sure to recycle. If you don’t wish to have to go to the beverage store weekly to get new 5 gallon jugs of water, you can always have it sent to your place. You will not just get to drink healthy water, but eliminate waste too. And when you go with the 5 gallon jugs of water, you will find that you are getting a lot more water for a lot less money.

A lot of individuals will also take on home improvement projects, and there are simple things you can do to also help the environment simultaneously. In general, when you work on your home, you will discover that you end up with extra items. If you end up with leftover paint, which is usual, you should make sure it doesn’t end up in our landfills. A great deal of damage can be done to the environment by allowing all the leftover paint to seep into the ground. Donating your excess paint is something that needs to be done as long as the pain is still usable. You will be able to locate several church groups or organizations that are meant to help the community that would love to have your leftover supplies. If you can’t seem to find anywhere to give away these supplies you can get on the Internet to locate local charities. Even if you merely have half a gallon of paint left over, you should realize that this can be combined with other paints and be used for many different things. This will not simply keep the paint out of our landfills but it will be helping others too.

Many of you people will end up changing your own oil in your automobiles, and if you are one of those you will also want to make sure you are taking your oil to a recycling center. One thing you will discover is that you can actually take your used oil to a oil change place and they are required to take you oil to make sure it is recycled properly. Don’t pour the oil on the soil or even dump it down a drain. The oil is bad enough for the soil, but when it gets into the water, it will be harmful to the aquatic life. This can not just create serious problems to the natural food chain, but the drinking water supply also.

So I am sure you can now understand how all these minor things can add up to make a big difference to our earth. Begin now, with a new life by living green in the minor things.


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