Tesla Generator

This Electric Generator is based upon the Tesla Coil that was developed by Nicola Tesla in 1891.

Tesla Generator

Nikola Tesla - Invented or rather discovered this Free Energy Generator


The Tesla Generator official site says:

Tesla Generator is going to upset several, but it’s well worth it. After years of suppression, a leaked file from the Tesla folder has made it into a few underground science labs. But rather than keeping the technology for themselves this group of secretive scientists have created a step by step Tesla Generator handbook that shows you  how to build a Tesla Generator and tap into an almost infinite source of power.

Tesla announced to the world that he had “harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to operate a motive device” he tells us in his writings how he felt keenly that there was a division between the “haves” and the “have nots” and he was determined to make his electrical energy equally available to all people on this planet as a gift. At this time there were two to three billion people on this planet that could not come home at night and turn on their lights. We can, but the people who can’t are living in poverty.

His lasting gift to the world was to be Free Electrical Energy and this is what he gave us with the Tesla Electric Generator!

Nikola Tesla is the true father of modern electricity.  He designed the Alternating current system that is used worldwide for home electrical connections.  This system provided a safer energy supply than the direct current system that was designed by Thomas Edison.  Tesla had several other theories on electrical power and the transmission of electricity.

One such design was his Tesla Coil

Sometime around the later part of the eighteen hundreds and probable about 1891 Nikola Tesla developed the transformer circuit that was implemented to develop a relatively high current that had a high voltage. This particular circuit was significantly different and unique in that it was said to produce a high frequency of electricity by using alternating currents.

He used various installations of electric circuits in his studies which consisted upon a particular design which was a resonant electric circuit. He went on to use these in enhanced experiments and from these was developed the Tesla Coil. Experiments in x-ray generation, electrical lighting, alternating current in high frequency for electric generators, electrotherapy and transmitting of energy without using wires were just a few of the tests that went on in his lab. What was unusual about the Tesla coil was that it could generate an extremely powerful electrical field.

Its early design makes use of a medium voltage to a high voltage source of power, high voltage capacitors and spark gaps, which are use to “excite” primary inductors with multiple layers as it produces high frequency currents of periodic bursts. These primary inductors are excited with the use of resonant and inductive coupling wherein both primary and the secondary circuits both be tuned so that they would echo or resonate within same frequency, which is typically between 2 MHz and 25 kHz with the use of the Tesla coil and generators. The modern coil designs based on this idea and could be seen during science fairs or museums.

Early uses of Tesla Coils and Generators

In the early days the only practical use that could be found for these coils  and generators was in wireless telegraphy and in particular the spark gap transmitters in the radio themselves. Sometimes we have seen references to their being used in  Electrotherapy and other pseudo-medical devices. However we also note that Tesla himself tried to distance himself from these types of usage. Even today we see examples of his device named the “violet Ray” though the particular Tesla coil circuits are not the only ones that used spark transmitters. Over time there have been enthusiasts that have used these coil types in experiments in designs of free energy devices similar to the Tesla fuelless generator. But the Coil itself uses transformers that operate with a substantially distinct manner than any other conventional transformer.

Now these are used for educational displays and for entertainment! Many groups like research institutions, independent experimenters, science museums and many high voltage enthusiasts create their own coils. Although there were, still many electronic circuit controllers that have been developed in the new generation, the Tesla coil has already proven itself extremely reliable and its unique spark gap pattern is cheaper as compared to the others. These designs have already graced many science venues and there are trusted websites that teaches you how to make tesla coil and the tesla generator in your own home.

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