Tesla Wireless Power Innovation Of Free Energy

Tesla wireless power

Nikola Tesla is a gigantic figure in the story of human technological development, especially in regards to the possibilities of Tesla wireless power and free energy. This man was responsible for many of the technological applications that people use every day in advanced countries. According to some, he was responsible for innovations of which the industries of today still cannot make use. He was far ahead of the thinkers of his time and remains far ahead of many scientists today.

The emergence of Tesla Wireless Power

One example of how Tesla leaped far ahead of his fellow innovators in the late 19th century involves the development of Tesla wireless power. In 1891, when electricity itself was a new phenomenon for most people and was, in fact, rarely if at all used in everyday life, this inventor made significant improvements to the Hertz-wave RF power supply, developing a wireless transmitter of free energy. In 1893, Nikola Tesla wireless electricity became a worldwide sensation when he illuminated phosphorescent lamps with wireless power at an exposition in Chicago. This was practically a century before people became accustomed to opening their car doors with remote control devices. The TV had not even been invented, so the idea of a remote control for that device was unthinkable.

It is characteristic of many great inventors that they think up devices, which are so innovative that multiple other devices have to be thought up before the original device can truly find a place in the world. So it was with Tesla wireless power. The world was still becoming accustomed to the idea of throwing a switch and having domesticated lightning course through wires into their homes and places of work. For decades, people would associate the image of a person flicking on a light switch with electricity.

In fact, right up until the end of the 20th century, most people viewed wireless power as a phenomenon in which a handheld device transmitted a small amount of energy across a relatively short distance in order to activate a larger device. This larger device then ran on its own power or power that was provided via a wire. Tesla, however, was already demonstrating the wireless transmission of great amounts of free energy over distances as long as 48 kilometers in 1896.

Potential of Tesla Wireless Power

This is a subject of great fascination even today, long after the advent of the space age. Knowing that there is a virtually endless supply of power in space due to the Sun’s incredible output of solar power, scientists dream of capturing that power in orbital platforms and then beaming that power down to Earth. This would essentially solve and end the energy crises of the past century forever. However, modern thinkers are still struggling with the possibility of doing this safely, more than a century after Tesla began to develop such a technology.

Tesla wireless power will continue to be a topic that stirs interest as the world’s energy issues become more acute. Hopefully, the example of this great thinker can inspire scientists of today to resolve the remaining issues that keep this technology of free energy from becoming an everyday fact, just like TV remote controls and remote ignition for cars.


Tesla Wireless Power

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